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“In 2002 I had a lengthy conversation with Jessica Harkness.”

In summary:

(1) She continually diverted the topic from the subject in question.

(2) I formed the opinion she was evasive.

(3) I formed the opinion she did not wish to talk about it.

(4) She did not have a copy of the Rubaiyat.

(5) She said it was a book of love poems.

(6) She did not know why it was significant.

(7) She did not remember Alf Boxall.

(8) I mentioned that she gave police his name and address when they first spoke to her.

(9) At a later date I had a further discussion with her that produced nothing of any significance.

Taken from page 179 – The Unknown Man. Gerry Feltus.

Then there’s this, same page:

(10) She did say that about 20 years ago at another address she had a visit from the police.

(11) She said she did not know anything then, and she did not know anything now.

If the 1982 interview was simply the police revisiting a cold case, why wasn’t Detective Sergeant O’Doherty’s witness re-interviewed as well?

I smell a rat


Note: A Final Twist.

Retired Detective Sergeant Don’ O’Doherty produced a copy of a report he had submitted to the Officer in Charge of the Adelaide CIB on 5 December 1959. The report concerned a witness’s account of sighting a man carrying a man along the Shore at Somerton Beach on November 30th 1948.

Feltus identified and located this witness in the latter part of 2003. The witness said he had not received a visit from the police since his initial contact.

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  1. Clive #

    So, if GF spoke to this witness, why didn’t he raise this issue again with the police? It would seem that O’Doherty’s report didn’t travel very far-was it too much effort for the police to question the witness?

    March 12, 2021
    • O’Doherty’s report landed on the desk of the Adelaide CIB Chief in 1959 … that would be a numbered manila folder with the signed statement inside. Trying to track that particular item down may not have been something GF signed up for.

      March 12, 2021

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