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Detectives, murder and persons of interest

Never mind the matches

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The case against Harkness

Was it incompetence or interference that kept her out of the interview room ?

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Inconsistencies unearthed in the inquest findings

They matter.

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Jessica Harkness I and II

Just fishing

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Who was Ernest Moulds?

The bare bones of a theory

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Jessica’s Letters 2


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A letter from Jessica

.. a withered virgin

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The English Jessica Harkness

Jessica M. Harkness was born in 1921 in Essex.

Jessica M. Harkness was married to an Ernest Moulds in Yorkshire in 1943.

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It is unknown if Ernest Moulds is any relation to Major William Jestyn Moulds*, but the question has been asked.


(Major Mould’s link courtesy of Gordon Cramer))

Information regarding Moulds / Harkness marriage sourced from LDS/FamilySearch site.


Strike ?

Provenance: you either have it or you don’t.

Inside the front cover, she'd written him an inscription.

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The void that was Jessica Harkness

She lived in the wind until the night somebody deposited a dead man on the beach close to her home.

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The Somerton Man Set Up.

Something Raymond Chandler wouldn't write

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Putting various notions to the Pub test

Were they or weren't they?

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Jestyn: man, woman or myth

The limitations of hearsay.

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The Adelaide Club

The exclusive club for South Australia’s elite white males

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the Littlemore Boxall interview – was it a wasted exercise?

The one question he never asked

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Coroner Cleland – how did he pass muster?

If this bloke was still around I'd tap him on the shoulder ..

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The investigation – unworthy of the name

Something's crook in Rookwood

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