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Aspects of evidence that went unnoticed by DS Lionel Leane

No conclusions

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A confluence of events relative to the birth of Robin Thomson

If Alfred Boxall was not the father of Robin, then the man who was responsible for fathering Robin was in town at the same time.

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How to find another code hidden within The Code.

The manual

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Who didn’t write the inscription?

... ask yourself

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The construction of an alibi

mae angen help arnoch chi !
I need help from you !

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The Harkness years, from 1945 to 1949

She responded immediately ..

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Jessica and the Navajo Code

Reading JEstyn in a different light

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Developing the Boxall theory

The reason why Harkness ceased to be a Person of Interest.

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Who took the Tamam Shud Case off the board?


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Detectives, murder and persons of interest

Never mind the matches

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The case against Harkness

Was it incompetence or interference that kept her out of the interview room ?

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Inconsistencies unearthed in the inquest findings

They matter.

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The English Jessica Harkness

Jessica M. Harkness was born in 1921 in Essex.

Jessica M. Harkness was married to an Ernest Moulds in Yorkshire in 1943.

pause ..

It is unknown if Ernest Moulds is any relation to Major William Jestyn Moulds*, but the question has been asked.


(Major Mould’s link courtesy of Gordon Cramer))

Information regarding Moulds / Harkness marriage sourced from LDS/FamilySearch site.


Strike ?

Provenance: you either have it or you don’t.

Inside the front cover, she'd written him an inscription.

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The void that was Jessica Harkness

She lived in the wind until the night somebody deposited a dead man on the beach close to her home.

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Jestyn: man, woman or myth

The limitations of hearsay.

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the Littlemore Boxall interview – was it a wasted exercise?

The one question he never asked

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