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Covert recognition

.. and the dictates of espionage related paranoia.

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I hope this tickles up a little interest

To whom it may concern ….

What might interest you is that I found a newspaper interview with PC Moss, the policeman who first attended and completed a thorough search of the body.

In this interview he states categorically that there were no matches found on the body.

Yet the man in charge of the investigation, DS Leane, swore there were.

The other item of interest, and one that has been overlooked for seventy years can be found on Gordon Strapps’ deposition where he describes the man he and his girlfriend were watching as wearing different clothing to that being worn by the man found dead the next morning. Strapps was specific.

Taking these two examples then adding the witness account of a man seen carrying a man along the Somerton Beach foreshore in the evening of 30 Nov (as recounted in Feltus’ book) makes almost certain that the man being carried was the Somerton Man.

What makes all of this so tasty, remembering there was a half-smoked cigarette found on the body, is that according to Moss he would not have been able to light it, but according to Leane, he could.

Why would Leane have done that? Why change the facts? And for what purpose?

Kate Thomson said in her interview that her mother told her the case was in the hands of a ‘higher authority’ – being someone other than the police.

The above appears to bear this out.

One more thing: how would the Somerton Man have been able to trace Harkness – not only to Adelaide but the suburb she lived in – given the precautions she undertook to hide her identity and considering the distances she’d travelled?

And how did he know X 3239 was her phone number? She was known as Jessica Harkness in Sydney but changed her name to Jessica Thomson when in Adelaide.

Hope this tickles up a little interest  …

All the best.

The South Australian Telephone Directory Nov 47

Thomson J E Sister 90a Moseley Glnlg .... X3239

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Why six pencils ?

Pencil stencils ..

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His name was KEANE.

Do you think it might be time to accept that?

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“If the body of the deceased was not that of the man mentioned the difficulties disappear.”

How would these judgements have changed if the men involved in making them took proper notice of the sworn evidence?

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Daniel Vorshart’s work has unfortunate consequences

Like journalist Isabelle Stackpool's poorly researched article for the Daily Mail

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Suicide or Murder.

Remarks from coroner Cleland, J.M. Dwyer, R.J. Cowan, Detective Leane, Detective Brown and John Burton Cleland.

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The problems of measuring time of death from rigor mortis

"Detectives seeking time-of-death estimates have become accustomed to working within a spread of six, twelve, or even eighteen hours."

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A possible use for the tools found in the Somerton Man’s suitcase

Background and precedents ..

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How Detective Sergeant Leane’s failure to act affected the inquest outcome.


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A phone call from Paul Lawson

.. who maintains a strong interest in the case

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It’s far too easy to criticise the police work in the Somerton Body Case

SAPOL were quick on their feet and not afraid to break new investigative ground in their pursuit of a result.

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Unanswered matters relevant to the Somerton Body Case

In detail

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Why did Detective Sergeant Leane take 51 days to release news of finding the Tamam Shud slip?

Follow the headlines

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About Paul Lawson

His life's wild ride.

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PC Moss’ only newspaper interview tells a different story.

"Although there was half a packet of cigarettes in one of his pockets, he didn’t have a match on him."

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What did Paul Lawson overhear being discussed by detectives in the morgue?

Was it a mention of Jessica Harkness?

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1. Paul Lawson’s tender ground.

Littlemore knew

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Was The Somerton Man an Artisan ?

.. with a nod to ballet

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