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The tamam Shud Code: what they said

Seventy two years on

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Were they supposed to meet?

The man with a piece of torn paper and the other with the book it was torn from. Were they supposed to meet?

Yes, or no.


A deathly silence is understood: but you’ve just asked yourself the question by reading the post.

Yes or no?

The three Tibor Kaldors

There was no other way out.

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How do you draw them together?

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4 – The problem we are having ..

is why aren’t you claiming to have broken the code?

بگذار دیگران صحبت کنند

3 – The Farsi option


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2 – “I’ll run the numbers.” Nick Pelling.

He did, we got 133:1.

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1 – A definable pattern in the Tamam Shud code






Every line consists of an odd number of letters.

Line 1 – 9
Line 2 – 11
Line 3 – 11
Line 4 – 13

M R G  O A B  A B D

M T B  I M P  A N E T P

M L I  A B O  A I A Q C

I T T  M T S  A M S T G A B

In every line a letter A fills the seventh position

Note: line 2 here has been disregarded as it is assumed to have been corrected and re-written here as line 4, which for this exercise is called line 3.


My work is done here …

A withered virgin emptying bedpans

An inconvenient suicide or a murder?

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If it’s not a W and not a H – What is it?

Make my day

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Rubaiyat mnemonics … some untested ground

Quatrains and languages

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Malay / English version of the Rubaiyat

Sha’ir Omar Khayyam.

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Verse 70, the Rubaiyat Code ..

and languages using a common alphabet.

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Verse 70 and its implications.

Harkness and Boxall. There is no ignoring their relationship

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Two delays in the investigation – Two explanations.

DS Leane and Prof Cleland.

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December 2020. Where are we?


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Were the Keane name tags meant to confuse?

Confusion, Fortune and Misfortune. Where is Gerry Feltus leading us?

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Whose name was written on the back cover of the Rubaiyat?

Gerry Feltus knows more about this mystery than we ever will. But that doesn't mean he's about to give anything away.

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Was the suitcase found at the luggage office by DS Leane locked or unlocked?


Letters from Jessica

Is this the end of our grand theories that had Jessica and Alf concocting a back-up alibi to get her out of a tight spot?

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