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One of Gordon Cramer’s digital makeovers

Digital silliness

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The Trinity. Keane, Thomson and Harkness.

Three of a kind

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Who killed T. Keane ?

And why ..

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Keane was a thief. No question.

Thirteen items prove it

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Keane’s thirteen tools of trade. Count them .. !

Their purpose

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Why Cowan didn’t identify the black powder

He only tested for common poisons

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Why is he called the ‘Unknown’ Man .. ?

.. when he had a name.

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The tools were used for stealing cars.


The square of metal foil. 

Used as a conductor, linking the ignition and starter button wiring, enabling the car to be started without a key.

The scissors.

Used to strip ignition wires of their sheathing prior to connecting them and starting the ignition sequence, enabling the car to be started without a key.

The table-knife snapped to a point.

Used in place of an ignition key, and used in a similar, exploratory fashion as a lock-pick. It could also be used to gain entry to a locked car by picking the door-lock.

The brush.

Used to apply graphite (a lubricant) to the innards of the ignition or door lock prior to inserting the knife point. 

The pencils.

A source of graphite. He had six of them.

The black powder shaken from the brush.



And his name was Keane

Dogging Prosper’s footsteps

X3239 was Prosper's phone number ... not Jessica's

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Was the Somerton Man just another a car thief?

Something Derek Abbott may not wish to consider ..

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All we have are the tools

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A single uncancelled railway ticket to Henley Beach explained.

An explanation

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Was the Somerton Man a Prospector .. ?

Codes and place names. Motive.

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Investigative lapses in the Somerton Man Case

The litany

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The Case of Lost Opportunities

There will be no going back

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The six witnesses nobody has ever heard from

Why is that?

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The indignities of an exhumation – updated

.. with a comment from Derek Abbott

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