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The Artisan revisited.

Scissors and black paper

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Derek Abbott’s Path. To what end ?

A personal view

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The man who would have us looking at something that isn’t there.

An enquiry by someone new with an interest in the Rubaiyat code might begin with Google.

And whether they query Tamam Shud Code, or Somerton Man Code or Rubaiyat Code, they will assuredly be drawn in to examine some of the dozens of Gordon Cramer’s micro-writing images that inhabit these pages. There are hundreds of them waiting there, if not thousands. The beginner doesn’t have a chance.

Cramer’s work with the letter Q (pic) was exemplary and had me utterly convinced. I felt I was his chief supporter, bumping along his work with praise, copying his images, quoting him. This was fine with Gordon Cramer, he understands a blogger’s need for promotion.

Where some have the skill to remove a complete layer of real substance from a real object – like ink from a photograph – Cramer has the expertise to remove digital ink from a digital object. With two objectives always in mind.

To find something that isn’t there. Then convince you it is.

You have to admit the concept has artistic merit.

But when a man is presented with a digital image of a photograph of an ink-enhanced photograph of pencil marks almost too faint to be seen with the naked eye – and demonstrates how he can lift all the digital layers away, as Cramer claims to have done in the letter Q, then why aren’t we looking at pencil marks almost too faint to be seen by the naked eye?


The SA Police subjected a photo they had taken of the code to a marking up exercise in ink, then they photographed the product and released it to the Press. The only science involved in the episode was getting it into the papers quick smart. These were senior detectives, this was a development.

The code, in pencil.

The faint pathway was slowly and painstakingly transformed into a macadam highway.

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Derek Abbott. His theory.

He wants to be part of it.

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John Ruffels – his theory.

Add it to the collection

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The Nitkeeper. Nick Pelling’s runner

Currently racing

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Gordon Cramer according to Professor Abbott according to Detective Brown, updated.

and digital enhancement ..

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Gerry Feltus, the letter Q and DS Leane’s timing.

Without being creative.

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What do the tools tell us?

We score the participants.

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Was The Somerton Man an Artisan ?

.. with a nod to ballet

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Detective Sergeant Leane’s Case Workload

For the record

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The tools and the meaning of his life as we know it


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A Final Twist

.. for the benefit of English Boris

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Taking a position.

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I think we are just about done here ..

Then again, maybe not.

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The Somerton Man Mystery Scenario number 29

The only show in town.

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