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contemporary evidence, updated

some newspaper reports are unreliable

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the ronald francis faultline

.. how do we step over a gap in credibility?

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scenario 8

comments are welcome

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the missing rubaiyat






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We have photographs of everything and everyone relevant to the Tamam Shud Mystery, all taken from the dozens of online sources that have published them over the last ten years. A comprehensive collection of evidence and record.

Only one image is missing. The most important.

A photograph of the breakthrough piece of evidence.

A picture of the Francis Rubaiyat.

Nobody has ever seen one.

How can that not be considered strange?



go with the vibe here ..

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seven scenarios

where we cordially invite your comment with regard to an uncertain finding.

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the francis story in two parts

certain things can be considered.

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ballet dancers and suntans

surf's up ...

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ballet dancers and wedge-shaped feet


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ballet dancers and the tools of their trade, updated

I watched as she took us through the process of building a ballet slipper

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