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the real mr francis: a nick pelling scenario

.. subtly amended

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in the national interest

like father, like son

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two hypotheses

.. the sorts of questions wily old coppers might ask.

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generations, the last of the trilogy

Generations is the final volume in Peter Bowes’ trilogy of essays and stories, the first two being Bloodlines (2013) and Lineage (2015).

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keane and kaldor


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the black market theory: was francis’ car hot?

There is no record of the police taking any interest ..

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ten. end game

chapter 10 - I think we are done here.

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nine. canberra at war

chapter 9 - a stymied brief

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eight. it’s all persian to me

chapter 8 - the plot thickens

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seven. miss daisy

chapter 7 - it's almost a love story

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six. a dead bougainvillea

chapter 6 - two questions

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five. keane.

chapter 5 - doodles

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four. the inside man

chapter 4 - same shit, different office

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three. francis pulls his first string

chapter 3 - someone who likes getting his face in the papers

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two. internees and standard operating procedure

chapter 2 - two deaths in adelaide

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one. mr francis: the manipulator

chapter 1 - a gentleman's agreement

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the francis conundrum

Of all the pseudonyms used in Gerry Feltus‘ book only Mr Francis remains improperly named, and Feltus is steadfast in his understanding of the reason for such secrecy.


In his own words: “Police should not betray a confidence and if people request their identity not be revealed they must respect their wish.” [p388]

The policeman who declined to reveal the identity of the person who handed him the Rubaiyat was DS Leane. That decision was unlikely to have been made without his superior officer’s knowledge and consent.

This policy goes all the way up the line.

DS Leane should not betray a confidence secret, and if his DI requested that the identity of the person who gave him the Rubaiyat remain confidential secret, he must respect his wish.


Where was the Rubaiyat found?

Who found it?

Why the secrecy?


Russia and her poisoners

russians: lethal, clever, silent. Effective.

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ellens’ stories

.. illustrated

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the fortean times march issue

it's all about sales, right?

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