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It’s been quite a ride


Many thanks to the following for their time, contributions and patience over the years.

Byron, Clive, Gordon, Misca, dude47, lewiansto, Gerry Feltus, Ellen, Milongal, Barry Traish, Petedavo, Xlamb, Mike Dash, Mr Smith, Derek Abbott, John Ruffles, Boris and the many others I’ve failed to remember. We did ok.



A Somerton Man screenplay.

Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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It is generally accepted …

Times twenty ..

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Everything but the truth

Otto faced the board and chalked a line of characters, speaking as he wrote.

LIV11 XXIV31 XXXV 17 XVI 15.

"There are enough words in the Rubiayat to satisfy any message."

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The Bryant and May matches

Dead men don't smoke.

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‘I simply think it is making something of nothing.’ Barry Traish.

One could take it a step further and conclude that whatever the police knew about the Boxall / Harkness relationship on June 8th was learnt from another source.

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What are the chances ..

.. that a foreign intelligence agency could contrive a plan intricate enough to implicate a relative of a highly-placed allied intelligence officer in the hope of bringing him down?

Would you sacrifice a pawn to entrap a bishop?

The intelligence implications are impossible to ignore.

In the light of Paul Lawson's admission in October 2017

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Date Zero.

It appears a parallel investigation was taking place.

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3. If we were to take the Lawson Proposition seriously ….

Where would you look for confirmation?

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2. Paul Lawson’s disturbing near-admission

Did he nearly give the game away?

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1. Paul Lawson’s tender ground.

Littlemore knew

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Gerry Feltus, the letter Q and DS Leane’s timing.

Without being creative.

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Was The Somerton Man an Artisan ?

.. with a nod to ballet

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Was the Somerton Man a Prospector .. ?

Codes and place names. Motive.

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