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One swore matches were found, another said they were not


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One man in the evening, another in the morning


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One ticket to Henley Beach, another to Glenelg ..


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The Unknown Man – A scenario combining fact and fiction.

Keane’s last day.

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The Blackmarket Scenario. A likely series of events.

No spies, no conspiracies, no secret codes.

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We rate the Somerton Man images .. updated

21 interpretations plus SEVEN MORE! It's the thread that keeps on giving.

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The problems of measuring time of death from rigor mortis

"Detectives seeking time-of-death estimates have become accustomed to working within a spread of six, twelve, or even eighteen hours."

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Why the exhumation will not happen in the foreseeable future.

I have it today from impeccable sources that a publicly supported exhumation of the remains of the Somerton Man will not take place without (1) an authority from the Coroner’s Court, and (2) a similar authority from the South Australian Police (SAPOL), who still regard it as an open case.

Despite its pre-election rhetoric, the South Australian Government’s undertaking to exhume the body remains hostage to these two conditions, neither of which is likely to be satisfied by Professors Abbott’s long-standing petition.

I’ve also been told that even if the petition raises 200,000 signatures, it will have no bearing whatsoever on any decision to exhume the Somerton Man’s remains.

Mr Gordon Cramer – five of his theories finally exposed for what they are. Demonstrably wrong.

"Welcome to the leading, factual blog with a 7 year history of finding new evidence on this Australian Cold Case."

That's Gordon Cramer's headline to his factual blog. We see it differently.

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Was Middle Head a Nest of Spies?

Looks to be a few opportunities here for them both, don't you reckon, Boris?

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The one thing every theory has in common

Not knowing what the code is about.

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What don’t we know about the Somerton Man Case?

Plenty ..

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There’s an elephant in the room !!

Why hasn't ANYBODY come up with a believable explanation for the two items that have made the case into the monster mystery it has become?

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A possible use for the tools found in the Somerton Man’s suitcase

Background and precedents ..

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What separates us ..

binds us together

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