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The Real Conspiracy.

One that might have lead to Jessica's Harkness' front door.

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The Skull of the Somerton Man

An insight into men’s affairs.

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The Wiesenthal list of 22 Lithuanian Nazi collaborators ..

.. who settled in Australia after the war.

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An incident at Bonegilla.


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Why Dr Colleen Fitzpatrick chose her words very carefully.

.. and some unwarranted doubt raised by Professor Derek Abbott.

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A gloomy silence prevails

.. but there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Who shut Jessica Harkness down?

Because never another word passed her lips.

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Why such a reaction when Jessica saw the bust ..

... if he wasn't the father of her child?

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Some love affairs are a lot messier.

Prosper and Jessica ...

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The Somerton Man Secrets.

Some romanticists link Prosper Thomson's close attention to Jessica's pregnancy, settlement in a house in Glenelg and the birth of Robin as being more of a father's actions than those of a step-father.

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Prosper Thomson’s Family.

Commencing with the first born.

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Rachel Egan’s DNA linked to Prosper Thomson.

Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick, founder of modern Forensic Genealogy.

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Derek Abbott’s head is spinning. ‘I’m just going to shut up now ..’

DNA result not what was expected.

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Four people who have seen the Freeman Rubaiyat.

and eighteen who haven't

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Inside DS Leane’s office on the 23rd of July 1949.

Next: what was said at the Brown Littlemore interview

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Police investigation discredited: fake evidence distributed to the Press.

Tell your friends.

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News from the grave.

New. 22/5/21

“More than 70 years after he was found dead, sitting upright in an immaculate suit on a beach, the identity of a man who has been one of Australia’s greatest mysteries may soon be solved.

No one has established the origins of Somerton Man, named after the seaside suburb of Adelaide where he was found, who he was and how he died. Some believe he was a Cold War-era Russian spy who had details of a new postwar British fighter jet, the de Havilland Venom.”

The Venom

New. 21/5/21

“The media showed a clean, shiny coffin emerge. Given its been underground for so long, this doesn’t make sense. Did I miss something?”

Comment on DA’s Facebook site.


New. 20/5/21

“Despite fears that there may have been little left after more than 70 years in a coffin, police declared the delicate dig had “gone smoothly” and that his “complete remains” had been unearthed.

But as one hurdle is cleared, another now looms.

According to one of the case’s most avid followers, the forensic side of the investigation could take months.” ABC News.


“Matching the teeth from the remains with the dental map taken at the autopsy will provide positive identification and put an end to ‘body swap’ theories.” Gordon Cramer, noted proponent of several ‘body swap’ theories.

“Still, it’s clear that interesting times are now upon us, particularly for those people who have been promoting nutty Somerton Man theories for so many years.” Nick Pelling, noted proponent of the theory that the Rubaiyat was part of a black-market scheme involving stolen cars and Prosper Thomson’s involvement in same.



Omg So flipping exciting!!!

Comment on Derek Abbotts’ FaceBook site.


The remains were in reasonable condition. Des Bray.

The exhumation which began around sunrise, about 5:00am, continued for about 12 hours.

“Everything has gone smoothly and we’re happy that we’ve recovered the complete remains of the Somerton Man,” Detective Superintendent Des Bray said.

“He’s now been formally delivered in our care to take to the Forensic Science centre.

“Over the coming days we’ll consult with colleagues at Forensic Science SA and make a determination as to how we proceed from a forensic perspective.”

The remains of the unidentified man have been placed inside a new coffin, which is being taken away for DNA analysis.


Skeletal remains have been discovered after hours of digging, and police have said they have found the identification tag linking the bones to the unknown man.

A wooden spatula and small brush is currently being used to carefully remove the bones from the ground.‘  ABC News


It’s a sombre mood down at the west end cemetery, a mix of news photographers a small smattering of onlookers along with a few cops and an excavator. It’s headlining all the major news outlets in SA .

Tommy Keane is out of the ground finally after 70 years !!!!. 

The diggers weren’t sure if he was in a coffin or not which was part of the hold up and he was deeper than first thought.’

dude47 on the ground today, his images on the way.


After several lines of enquiry over the years have left authorities stumped, detectives will today dig up the (Somerton) man’s body from a grave at West Terrace Cemetery with permission from SA’s Attorney-General, Vickie Chapman.SA Police Detective Superintendent Des Bray said exhuming the man’s body will allow investigators to recover a DNA profile of the man.’

Channel 9 News

Channel 9 News

Who has the ‘Freeman’ Rubaiyat?

.. and how long have they had it?

'It has been pointed out on this site (Smithsonian) that the apparent loss or destruction of the physical evidence, and nearly all of the file material relating to this case, is unusual and suspicious. But there is a possible reason for this, and this reason, if it is indeed the reason, casts fresh light on the Somerton Man mystery.' Byron Deveson.

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Six pencils and a glass dish were found in the Somerton Man’s luggage.

Their possible uses.

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Choose your enemy

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