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Why did Gerry Feltus muddy the waters ?

It's the little things that count

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What do a Policeman, a Lawyer and an Interviewer have in common ?

The Jestyn who never was

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The Abbott narrative – with all its faults – has got to be called out.

He's not the Guru he claims to be.

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69 questions

.. all beginning with Why ?

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The man with two combs

The Great Game

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Wallace and Gromit meet the Somerton Man

The case of the wrong trousers.

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Is SM’s identity too close to home ?

Does SAPOL know more?

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Doing the research .. updated

.. and keeping the score

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Hair DNA efforts unexpectedly crimped by SA Major Crime.

Bust samples taken away have yet to be returned ..

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Another woman’s passion

Her inscription

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Harkness’ two giveaways

Emotion and Deflection

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The Ellis-Jones’ Somerton Man ABC podcast

Facts misrepresented and facts ignored

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What would we be talking about ..

if we took the facts into consideration.

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The bomb maker

.. and an email to Byron Deveson

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The patterned blouse

What are they, those twenty or so patterns on the blouse of the woman drawn under the Jestyn inscription on Boxall’s Rubaiyat, the one said to have been given him by Harkness?

Large calves and suntanned thighs

What was old is new again.

Australian ballet dancers on Bondi Beach yesterday  .. pic by Ben Rushton.

Common Misconceptions

.. still being promulgated by the ABC network, courtesy of 20 year journalist, Fiona Ellis-Jones.

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