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The void that was Jessica Harkness

She lived in the wind until the night somebody deposited a dead man on the beach close to her home.

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Time to look at what we’ve got

It was a set-up

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Otis Pierce finally accounted for …

Back to square 1

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Jessica Harkness – a formidable recruit

Kate Thomson's 60 Minutes interview reinterpreted

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Putting various notions to the Pub test

Were they or weren't they?

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The Littlemore Boxall interview – part 2

The limitations of hearsay.

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The Adelaide Club

The exclusive club for South Australia’s elite white males

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the Littlemore Boxall interview – was it a wasted exercise?

The one question he never asked

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Coroner Cleland – how did he pass muster?

If this bloke was still around I'd tap him on the shoulder ..

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The investigation – a shambles?

Something's crook in Rookwood

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Ina Harvey – an opportunist?

Gerry Feltus thinks so ..

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Being a Communist in Australia in 1948

That meant you were un -American, un-Australian, a traitor to the noble cause of Democracy, a danger to the Nation, an unspeakable ogre threatening World Peace, a bloody-handed confederate of the Russian State, a threat to the burgeoning emergence of Capitalism and the concept of Collective Peace through Individual Wealth.

Two bombs. Both dropped by Americans on Japanese cities full of war-weary women and children. A radiation wave that denied hundreds of thousands of non-combatants their lives.

Anyone concerned with this state of affairs was hunted out in Australia in 1948, their front doors broken open, windows smashed, their families victimised, their jobs lost, their freedom denied.

… for what?


What evidence is there to suggest he was a ballet dancer?

Ten indicators

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How does overt become covert?

Two questions ..

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The Rubaiyat Indentations: where are they?

.. who reckons what.

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18 Questions ..

Who do we believe?

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Step ladders, stippling judders and looking wobbly.

Is it reasonable to ask if the code mark-up served two different purposes?

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