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Somerton Man DNA Produces SHOCK RESULT. The Australian Labor Party Rocked by Accusations They Were NAZI Sympathisers.

Imagine that headline ..

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To part quote Derek Abbott ‘There’s two things that bug me.’

He was talking about socks, I'm talking about tickets.

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This case is one of secrets upon secrets: names suppressed, names withheld for generations, police investigation inexplicably delayed, crucial evidence ignored, evidence tampered with, evidence withheld from public scrutiny, crucial fingerprinting not done, police investigation hampered, witnesses not called to give evidence, evidence as a whole not officially secured for over two months, witnesses suspected of being rehearsed, crucial evidence not acted upon, suspected false evidence submitted, inquest closed despite compelling new evidence, witnesses not interviewed in a timely manner, failure to enquire aircraft passenger arrivals of a passenger Keane prior to body being found, false images distributed to the press, failure of police to door-knock nearby Somerton Beach residences after body found, contradictory depositions submitted, false reporting allowed, incomplete analysis of evidence, contradictory depositions not questioned, early loss of crucial evidence and inadequate official reasons given for same, incomplete investigation of poisons as means of death, contradictory legal rulings, key witness not followed up for second interview, key witness not asked whereabouts prior to body being found, key witness’ de facto husband not questioned, his whereabouts immediately prior the body being found not known – and all of this in the middle of one of Australia’s best kept political secrets, the employment of dozens of Nazis in an Adelaide suburb within months of the end of WW2.*

The exhumation of the Somerton Man’s body was completed almost twelve months ago and an investigation into his DNA commenced almost immediately but no results have been made public.

Given the above perhaps they never will be.


Fifty days to interpret the two words ‘Tamam Shud.’

The third instalment of a series of posts that show the influence Detective Sergeant Leane had on all aspects of the Somerton Man Investigation. Here we look at his removal of evidence from the Somerton Man's suitcase and the 50 day delay in translating the two words 'Tamam Shud.'

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The second instalment of a series of posts that show the influence Detective Sergeant Leane had on all aspects of the Somerton Man Investigation. Here we look at his performance from the very beginning of his role as head of The Investigation Team and their apparent indifference to the importance of the only clue as to the Somerton Man’s movements 24 hours before he was found dead.

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Why has it taken over 70 years to question why the police didn’t use the Henley Beach train ticket to trace the Somerton Man’s movements?

The first instalment of a series of posts that show the influence Detective Sergeant Leane had on all aspects of the Somerton Man Investigation. Here we look at the anomalies surrounding the initial investigation and the evidential contradictions in the testimonies of PC Moss and his superior, Detective Sergeant Leane.

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Rachel Egan, her mother Roma and step-sister Kate Thomson.

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Detective Sergeant Lionel Leane –

An in depth look at his performance

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Police Constable John Moss –

An in depth look at his character.

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The entire Somerton Man Case is based on one unproven assumption ..

PC Moss was unable to feel the Tamam Shud slip when he searched the fob pocket.

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The Tamam Shud Do It Yourself Test

Take a piece of paper and cut it so it's the same size as the Tamam Shud slip.

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It's this simple.

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What we know about the Somerton Man, the Thomsons, the Egans and their DNA

“I was an accidental conception." Rachel Egan.

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The Disposition of Evidence in the Somerton Man Case.

Who had it and for how long.

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Reasons for suspecting James Cowan interfered with the Somerton Man Case

Three strikes

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Who killed the Somerton Man, silenced Jessica and how it was all covered up ..

Two possibilities .. both warm to the touch.

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Jessica’s daughter said the Somerton Man investigation was subject to an authority higher than the police.

So who was their man on the ground?

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Said Dwyer about Cowan ..

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The Somerton Man committed suicide you say?

Mr Nobody.

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Has Rachel Egan’s DNA finally ended Derek Abbott’s involvement in the Somerton Man Mystery?

Is Derek Abbott’s belief that his wife and their children are related to the man at the centre of one of the world's most intriguing mysteries dashed?

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The ‘Other’ Phone Number.

The missing link.

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Cleland delayed nine years before closing down the inquest .. what was he waiting for?

“I am required to find, if I can, who the deceased was and how when and where he died. I will, I fear be unable to answer these questions unless further evidence is obtained.’ Coroner Cleland.

‘Unless further evidence is obtained.’


Evidence obtained subsequent to the adjournment …

 A Rubaiyat matching the Tamam Shud slip was obtained.

(2) The identity of the finder of the Rubaiyat was obtained.

(3) The circumstances surrounding the finding of the Rubaiyat were obtained.

(4) A code written on the back of the Rubaiyat was obtained.

(5) A phone number written on the back of the Rubaiyat was obtained.

(6) The identity of the phone’s subscriber was obtained.

(7) An interview with the phone subscriber was obtained.

(8) Evidence of a relationship between the Somerton Man and the subscriber was obtained.

It’s been put forward here in multiple posts that the actual existence of the coded Rubaiyat is questionable, given that there is no evidence that photographs of any part of the book are known to exist and Detective Brown, one of the leading Detectives in the case admitted that his superior at the time, Detective Sergeant Leane, lost the book in his filing system.

How and when Leane managed to lose the Rubiayat yet retain the much smaller Tamam Shud slip has never been satisfactorily explained. Neither has it been explained why Leane didn’t request that Cleland subpoena the individual who claimed to have found the Rubaiyat or why Leane didn’t submit the book itself as both were the further evidence Cleland was waiting for, seeing it was a requirement for him to do so and the inquest was adjourned specifically to await such further evidence.

Police cannot usurp a coroner’s function.

So …

it’s back to the oft-repeated assertion, here at least, that the Rubaiyat cannot be proved to have ever existed and everything connected to both it and the Tamam Shud slip’s finding was a construction built to hide the identity of the Somerton Man and his relationship with Jessica Harkness.

All SAPOL had to do was wait Cleland out and for him to keep his judicial head down.

Somerton Man Mugshots

The Collection

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The Somerton Man inquest was closed for lack of new evidence despite the police having found more than enough.

Why was the coroner’s court denied the opportunity to subpoena new witnesses?

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The only thing that really bugged Derek Abbott about the Somerton Man Case was the absence of a spare pair of socks in his suitcase ..

Well, I can improve on that ..

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