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The Somerton Man’s suitcase contents by classification


A record of what was found in the suitcase classified by presumed use and showing what had the labels and tags removed as well as the articles marked with the name Kean(e)



For the Bedroom

1 dressing gown and cord.*

1 pair of slippers* – size 8

1 pair of pyjamas.*

For the Bathroom

1 razor strop*.

1 razor.*

1 shaving brush.

1 toothbrush and paste.

1 soap dish.

1 bath towel.

Underwear etc

4 singlets – one with name torn off, one bearing the name Kean.

4 underpants – two jockey type, two ordinary type.

6 handkerchiefs.


2 ties – one bearing T Keane.

1 pair Marco Brand Crusader Cloth trousers with dry cleaning or laundry marks.

1 sportscoat.*

1 yellow Pelaco coat shirt.

1 business shirt with name tag gone.*

1 scarf.*

1 front and 1 back stud.

1 brown button.


1 tin of tan boot polish (Kiwi Brand)

Miscellaneous items.

1 laundry bag – name Keane written on it.

1 piece of light cord.

2 coat hangers.

1 glass dish.

1 teaspoon.

1 hairpin.

3 safety pins.

1 card of tan thread.

For writing and correspondence.

8 large envelopes.

1 small envelope.

6 (drafting) pencils (could be reclassified as working items).

2 airmail stickers.

1 rubber.

Working items.

1 pair scissors in scabbard and bound with sticking plaster.

1 knife in in scabbard and bound with sticking plaster.

1 stencil brush containing an unidentified black powder within bristles.

1 small screwdriver.

1 pair broken scissors.

Personal items.

1 cigarette lighter.

6d in cash found in trousers pocket.

Items presumed missing.

Spare socks.

Polishing cloth for shoes.

Application brush for shoe polish.


Cigarette lighter flints.

Writing paper.

Working clothes if employed as a ship’s 3rd officer.

*Items not originally indentified by the maker’s brand. All information taken from The Unknown Man by Gerry Feltus.

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