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What could be an explanation of the circumstances surrounding the death of the Somerton Man.

With a little help from Aristotle and the infamous Soviet spy, Harry Gold.


In the course of his interrogation, Rumrich divulged some information on how the Nazi spy ring operated. For example, he explained how as a means of identification, he would receive one half of a torn postcard that would be reconciled with the other half carried by one of his fellow agents.

NThe Nazi Spy Ring in America – Rhodi Jeffreys-Jones.


In a fragment ascribed to Aristotle’s Constitution of Ithaca, the Spartans repeatedly used a pair of sticks (skutálē) as a simple encryption device. A long piece of leather was wrapped around a stick of a particular diameter and a message was written on it. The message could not be read without being wrapped around around a stick of the same diameter.

The Aristotlian fragment gives another version of the skutálē as it was used in financial transactions in Sparta. Discourides cut the skutálē in the presence of witnesses and wrote the corresponding part on each segment to signify a contract or bond (sumbolaoin). He would give one part to one of the witnesses and keep the other himself. This suggests what might have been a more precise function in wartime.

Aristotle’s Empiricism – Jean De Groot.


After wrapping up the details of the Fuchs meeting, the handler told (Harry) Gold something surprising: the Soviets had a second mole inside Los Alamos. This mole would be in Albuquerque, not far from Santa Fe, while Gold was visiting, so Gold needed to make a side trip there to pick up additional papers from a man named Greenglass.

The handler then gave Gold half a Jell-O box top, which had been cut into a jigsaw shape. He passed the puzzle piece over to Gold. You’ll know it’s Greenglass, he said, because he’ll have the other half.

Harry Gold: Spy in the Lab – Sam Kean April 25, 2019.


Somerton Beach, 1948.

The plan was for one agent to receive a copy of a book (Rubaiyat) with the part of the last page containing the two words Tamam Shud removed. The other agent was to receive the removed slip of paper. Upon meeting they would reconcile both the tear in the book and the Tamam Shud slip. With that completed to their satisfaction, whatever needed to done would be done.

Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances were their undoing and the agent carrying the TS slip was found dead on the morning after their meeting was planned to have taken place,* aware of this the other agent disposed of his Rubaiyat through the open window of a car parked nearby rather than be caught with it in his possession.

Given that contact was known to exist between both agents and Harkness: one being the existence of her phone number on the back of the abandoned Rubaiyat, the other her reaction at being shown the bust of the dead man found to be carrying the TS slip, it is suspected she was responsible for covertly distributing both the book and the TS slip.

As far as the code found inscribed on the back of the Rubaiyat is concerned, it may have been something written by a previous owner as the book was likely sourced by Harkness second-hand rather than bought new. Her choice of a Rubaiyat as a means of covert identification is not surprising as she was known to have a strong attachment to the book, as evidenced by her gift of an inscribed copy to a wartime acquaintance some years previously.

Alf Boxall

Speculation has it that the reason both the body and abandoned Rubaiyat were found so close to Harkness’ home is that not only did she covertly distribute the book and slip, she also advised the agents where would be the best time and place for them to meet.

Here, in the open?

… or here, behind closed doors?

*If we were to believe that the man who saw a man carrying a man along the beach on the night of the 30th was watching the Somerton Man being taken to the bottom of the steps, already dead, then perhaps the man doing the carrying was the individual SM was meant to meet and the meeting and his death took place at 90A Moseley St. A scenario that might explain the body’s lividity, and after completing the carry he abandoned the Rubaiyat by slipping it into Freeman’s auto, not realising Harkness’ phone number was written on the back.

What was the real purpose of the Tamam Shud slip?

Time and Place.

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Several years ago, Ms. Egan had her DNA analyzed …

Several years ago, Ms. Egan had her DNA analyzed, and links were found to people in the United States (including relatives of Thomas Jefferson). More recently, links were also found to the grandparents of the man that Jo Thomson eventually married.” (Prosper Thomson)

NYT 21 May 2021.


We almost know these words by heart, particularly those in the Abbott family who might be wishing it all went away. Nevertheless, given the years the Professor and his wife Rachel have spent publicly declaring she and their children may be related to the Somerton Man it’s only natural that we continue his quest, though in a completely different direction now that Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick has upset the Abbott applecart.

Rachel and Derek at the gravesite.

Jessica (Jo) Harkness became pregnant in late 1946. She was also known to be in Mentone and staying at her parent’s home in October 1946, whether for a visit or something more permanent isn’t known so it’s conceivable she fell pregnant whilst there and not prior to leaving Sydney.

Prosper Thomson moved from Blacktown in NSW to Melbourne in 1936 where he lived in Mentone with his wife Queenie. Within weeks of Jessica finding she was pregnant, Thomson left his wife and accompanied her to Adelaide where they both settled as man and wife with Jessica passing herself off as a Thomson and where she gave birth to a son, Robin, future father of Rachel, the lady whose DNA links were ‘found to the grandparents of the man Jo Thomson eventually married.

A man doesn’t have to be Einstein.


Mrs. Ina Harvey revisited

'I won't be seeing you again.' 

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Detective Sergeant Lionel Leane –

An in depth look at his performance

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Police Constable John Moss –

An in depth look at his character.

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What we know about the Somerton Man, the Thomsons, the Egans and their DNA

“I was an accidental conception." Rachel Egan.

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The Disposition of Evidence in the Somerton Man Case.

Who had it and for how long.

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Who killed the Somerton Man, silenced Jessica and how it was all covered up ..

Two possibilities .. both warm to the touch.

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Jessica’s daughter said the Somerton Man investigation was subject to an authority higher than the police.

So who was their man on the ground?

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Said Dwyer about Cowan ..

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The Somerton Man committed suicide you say?

Mr Nobody.

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Has Rachel Egan’s DNA finally ended Derek Abbott’s involvement in the Somerton Man Mystery?

Is Derek Abbott’s belief that his wife and their children are related to the man at the centre of one of the world's most intriguing mysteries dashed?

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The ‘Other’ Phone Number.

The missing link.

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Cleland delayed nine years before closing down the inquest .. what was he waiting for?

“I am required to find, if I can, who the deceased was and how when and where he died. I will, I fear be unable to answer these questions unless further evidence is obtained.’ Coroner Cleland.

‘Unless further evidence is obtained.’


Evidence obtained subsequent to the adjournment …

 A Rubaiyat matching the Tamam Shud slip was obtained.

(2) The identity of the finder of the Rubaiyat was obtained.

(3) The circumstances surrounding the finding of the Rubaiyat were obtained.

(4) A code written on the back of the Rubaiyat was obtained.

(5) A phone number written on the back of the Rubaiyat was obtained.

(6) The identity of the phone’s subscriber was obtained.

(7) An interview with the phone subscriber was obtained.

(8) Evidence of a relationship between the Somerton Man and the subscriber was obtained.

It’s been put forward here in multiple posts that the actual existence of the coded Rubaiyat is questionable, given that there is no evidence that photographs of any part of the book are known to exist and Detective Brown, one of the leading Detectives in the case admitted that his superior at the time, Detective Sergeant Leane, lost the book in his filing system.

How and when Leane managed to lose the Rubiayat yet retain the much smaller Tamam Shud slip has never been satisfactorily explained. Neither has it been explained why Leane didn’t request that Cleland subpoena the individual who claimed to have found the Rubaiyat or why Leane didn’t submit the book itself as both were the further evidence Cleland was waiting for, seeing it was a requirement for him to do so and the inquest was adjourned specifically to await such further evidence.

Police cannot usurp a coroner’s function.

So …

it’s back to the oft-repeated assertion, here at least, that the Rubaiyat cannot be proved to have ever existed and everything connected to both it and the Tamam Shud slip’s finding was a construction built to hide the identity of the Somerton Man and his relationship with Jessica Harkness.

All SAPOL had to do was wait Cleland out and for him to keep his judicial head down.

The Somerton Man inquest was closed for lack of new evidence despite the police having found more than enough.

Why was the coroner’s court denied the opportunity to subpoena new witnesses?

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The only thing that really bugged Derek Abbott about the Somerton Man Case was the absence of a spare pair of socks in his suitcase ..

Well, I can improve on that ..

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The Somerton Man Case .. an uncommon timeline.

The Somerton Man Case appeared to be nothing more than the unexplained death of an unknown man found on a beach near the small coastal town of Glenelg in South Australia.

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Jessica, Robin, Roma and Rachel. The Loop.

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Strangers In Our Midst 2 .. Who was the Somerton Man?

Includes the names of Germans involved in Chemical and Biological research and who were considered suitable for post-war employment.

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Strangers In Our Midst 1 .. Who was the Somerton Man?

Post WW2 there were two distinct categories of German Nazis who settled in Australia, one being war criminals, the other scientists and technicians.

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Imagine it ..

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There comes a time when the accumulation of doubts leads to a different conclusion, one that allows us to step around the official facade to glimpse what it's hiding.

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Updates 1 & 2 … Is the Somerton Man’s identity and occupation still too politically harmful to be made known?

The political ramifications would have been catastrophic for both Ben Chifley and his federal Labor government if news of the secret Anglo Australian Project was made public, particularly as thousands of Australians had died in Europe fighting the Nazis. 

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Believing Alf Boxall

That was no sweet innocent quiet reserved young babe who wrote Verse 70.

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