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Inside DS Leane’s office on the 23rd of July 1949.

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Police investigation discredited: fake evidence distributed to the Press.

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Who has the ‘Freeman’ Rubaiyat?

.. and how long have they had it?

'It has been pointed out on this site (Smithsonian) that the apparent loss or destruction of the physical evidence, and nearly all of the file material relating to this case, is unusual and suspicious. But there is a possible reason for this, and this reason, if it is indeed the reason, casts fresh light on the Somerton Man mystery.' Byron Deveson.

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Choose your enemy

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How Detective Sergeant Leane’s failure to act affected the inquest outcome.


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Why did Detective Sergeant Leane take 51 days to release news of finding the Tamam Shud slip?

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PC Moss’ only newspaper interview tells a different story.

"Although there was half a packet of cigarettes in one of his pockets, he didn’t have a match on him."

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The man seen alive in the evening was not the man found dead in the morning

Believe it.

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The Somerton slideshow. Timing matters.

6:00 pm to 10:00 pm on the 30th of november 1948

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