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The Somerton Woman 2


Jessica was ‘emotive’ when she viewed the bust, so much so it was said she became unsteady on her feet, alerting the Detectives with her and Paul Lawson that she once had a relationship with the man whose likeness Lawson had captured.

She knew him.

This of course is old news …

What has yet to be discussed is the possible basis of her emotive response.

Hate,  fear or love?

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  1. Guzz Rating #

    Just supposing Carl Webb really is SM, does that put into doubt the theory SM topped himself because being rejected by Harkness was something he couldn’t cope with?
    We know that SM had Harkness’s phone number.
    So would Webb, being a Melbournite, (“Melburnian” is way too polite a term for the folk of that city of weirdos)…travel all the way to Adelaide without ringing ahead?

    Who would travel that distance and just turn up at a woman’s doorstep, not knowing her current marital status, when you could have simply rung her first to establish whether you’d get a warm welcome or not?
    (A sordid little chap, like myself, would certainly make sure the “coast is clear”, before embarking on such a mission…)

    March 27, 2023
    • You reckon Melburnians are weird? Try driving on a freeway amongst a bunch of banana benders.
      And whoever dumped the body just down the road from the lady then tossed the book where it could be found was sending a strong message to someone.

      March 27, 2023
  2. Clive #

    Common sense and drivers in Adelaide are worlds apart. Perhaps the visit by Carl/SM was just an on the spot decision? Also not ringing ahead may have been prudent, how was he to know if the telephone was shared by someone else?

    March 27, 2023
    • I think SM knew full well Jessica lived there and he was going to SEE her but I don’t think SM expected to SEE Prosper. I think he had high hopes with Jessica but was ultimatly disapointed, but not as much as to off himself. And if it was Carl who already came from an ended toxic relationship I would Guess he would think twice before entering another toxic relation. My Guess is he had Jessica in a good concept and if it worked it worked and if not You move on.

      March 27, 2023
      • Guzz Rating #

        slidingglass…”My Guess is he had Jessica in a good concept and if it worked it worked and if not You move on.”

        Well, SM most certainly “moved on” alright! … In fact he moved on, all the way to the next existence.

        WHO moved him on… that is the question.

        March 28, 2023
        • My Guess is that Prosper moved him on right around the time he lit SMs cigarette. Jessica always kept her distance but Prosper didnt. Maybe Prosper decided to test a drug that Made people pass out so he could Rob them and just gave too much or he down right wanted to kill SM. Thats the question I’m asking. It’s obvious the police and probably the military protected Prospers ilegal activities. But I’m not sure what the motive for killing SM was..

          March 28, 2023
        • I mean there is the posibility Prosper took SM to the beach thinking the effect would wear off.

          March 28, 2023
  3. Clive #

    Perhaps Carl/SM did catch up with Jessie and was spurned by her. She had a young child and Prosper had promised to marry her, so her thinking was why throw that away for someone else?

    March 28, 2023
    • Then he eats a pasty, takes poison, does his business with the ROK and slip, hits the beach late and lights his last cigarette without having any matches .. That’s a tough one, Clive, I’m thinking.

      March 28, 2023
  4. Clive #

    How did he manage to smoke his cigarette without a match is a crucial question. Perhaps someone else was on hand, and lit his cigarette from his own cigarette or box of matches? That ‘someone’, Prosper? or an associate of Prosper? Whoever it was they made a mistake with the lit cigarette.

    March 28, 2023
    • Some think the matches were placed with the evidence at some later date … remembering what Feltus wrote, that they were ‘later found to be WITH the body.’ Later found?

      March 28, 2023
  5. Has anyone noticed that all the old constabulary are producing books? The Beaumonts, SM, and others all coming out of the “whistling blackbird” state. With the good professor and the joint constabulary all pushing, will we find the truth or just the popular opinion?

    March 28, 2023
  6. Clive #

    WITH the body, surely ON the body? How can a box of matches be ‘later found’, PC Moss was adamant he did not find any box of matches when he examined SM’s clothing. But, ‘later found’ was a very convenient get-out for the authorities.

    March 28, 2023
  7. Clive .. Feltus was very clever with his words as he also wrote that other items were also ‘later found to be with the body’, like his singlet and underpants: in other words whatever else wasn’t visible when Moss searched the body .. simple additions that effectively camouflaged the unexplained appearance of a box of matches. Though perhaps the explanation was that whoever forgot to leave the matches with the body had their mistake corrected, leaving the question – by whom?

    March 28, 2023
  8. Clive #

    That’s the $64K question, Interesting point but, were the matches shown in evidence or, was it just someone’s word that they were found ‘with the body’?

    March 29, 2023
    • That ‘someone’ was Detective Sergeant Leane who swore as much on his deposition, putting him and PC Moss in opposite camps.

      March 29, 2023
  9. Clive #

    Unlikely, I realise but, no spent match found near the body? I suppose if no unused cigarettes had been found on the SM’s body, the authorities would have had an even more difficult explanation to find, since he was a heavy smoker.

    March 29, 2023
  10. Clive #

    So it was PC Moss and his word against Leane’s deposition, I wonder if anyone ‘higher up’ whispered in Moss’s ear not to take matters further, as it could be a roadblock in his career?

    March 29, 2023
    • Didn’t stop him from going to the newspapers and telling them ‘there wasn’t a match on the body.’ Of all the police involved he was the only one with any integrity in my view, despite what it might have meant to his career.

      March 29, 2023
  11. Clive #

    Yes, you’ve got to admire him for sticking with his story, no matter what his superiors told the inquest.

    March 29, 2023
  12. As per that other post a few minutes ago, we need to find Doff and Ella in 1956-1958

    March 31, 2023

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