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It goes like this …

Sometimes a comment has to be ENLARGED in order to attract a wider audience, in my case up from five readers to what .. maybe eight ? Who knows, blogging is a way distant relative to Instagram TickingTock and whatever else is attracting the hordes these days. What do I know?

For instance:

‘Just rolled by a friend who runs a photography shop, showed him the pic of Roy, Carl and the old folks and asked him who was the tallest and he fingered Roy straight away. When I told him Roy was supposed to be 3 inches shorter than Carl he said ok, Carl must be standing in a dip.


Too easy.’

Butwaitaminute … standing in a dip? Hands up any man reading this who wants to look shorter than his real height in a family photo  .. especially given he’s standing alongside the midget in the family, being Roy.

I’m talking one guy 5’8” and the other plus about 3 inches higher and he’s going to stand in a hole in the ground so nobody feels bad?

Does that happen? Ever?

And just to prove my point I give you Hampus Naeselius who has nothing to do with the grubbage we’ve been waffling about for over ten years but has a blood-curdling beat that suggests the internal rage of a man who likes to smack his wife about.

Heavy, ain’t it.


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  1. thedude747 #

    What was it Michael Carleone said “Just when I thought I was out , they pull me back in!!! ” Same for me on the great Roy and Carl 3 inches debate.

    I agree PB that no-one wants to look short in a family photo. Ive taken a few thousand myself and its a thing BUT it goes both ways and as I said somewhere a while back in my experience the family shorty can often be seen standing on his toes or other such means so as not to look like a shrimp in photos . When I ran a studio we had blocks made up of hard rubber for just this purpose and anyone in the game will tell you that standing short assess on phone books was a regular trick of the trade in getting head heights right in family shots. So did Carl stand in a dip or did Roy clever position himself would be my question.

    BUT !!!! That doesn’t mean Im right I’m just sayin.

    March 3, 2023
  2. Jo #

    Pete, I note that Hampus is into ice hockey and kite surfing – interests Keanely shared by members of the extended Webb clan past and present! Over on Ciphermysteries they’re busy singing Camperdown Ladies and Jo has a bit of good humoured egg on her face as the Colonel’s horse rides in from Auckland, with or without its cheek halter strap!

    March 4, 2023
    • That piece of music backgrounded a three minute vid of session at Jaws in Hawaii recently and the editing was perfect…

      March 4, 2023
  3. Jo #

    Domestic violence is never a happy subject to engage with. And yes, it ‘s there. Time to give sunnier Morning of the Earth another spin? (Featuring Tamam Shud of course!)

    March 4, 2023
  4. Has to be the best big surf clip ever ..

    March 4, 2023
  5. dude47 #

    PB are you aware if the band surf band “Tamam Shud” had any awareness around the SM connection when naming their band or later? Have they ever made mention or comment ? Ive always been curious about that.

    March 5, 2023
    • They were all early stoners, one of them found the name in a copy of ROK and probably thought it would enhance their mystic appeal … dopers are like that, or so I’m told. They were originally a surf rock band and they backgrounded a few movies made by Paul Witzig. He used to come by Byron Bay when I was a slaughterhouse tough and bludge a mattress in the floor of the house I shared with a Queenslander goofy foot.

      March 5, 2023
  6. Jo #

    I was given a copy of the ROK as a birthday present by a friend in the late ‘80s and thought it was a great poem. I knew nothing about SM until 2019, when I watched an episode of Australian Story, featuring the Abbotts. It was only when Carl Webb and Bromby Street emerged that I became interested as I know the neighbourhood well and knew a fair bit about its links to WWII signals intelligence activity.

    I knew the band Tamam Shud from the surfing film Morning of the Earth and its accompanying album. They were favourites of and no doubt influences on my niece’s father, who died in a surfing accident a few years ago in Northern NSW. He was from an SA Mormon family and went to study at the Mormon University in Hawaii. He may have travelled there as a Mormon son, but he graduated as a surfer and skier – Hawaii and Utah have that effect! RIP Ash!

    March 5, 2023

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