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‘It was later established … ‘ What is it with the underpants and singlet?

‘It was later established that the following items were located with the deceased: a handkerchief, a pair of underpants (Jockey type), a singlet, a train ticket, a bus ticket, a part packet of Juicy Fruit chewing gum, two combs, a quarter-full box of Bryant & May’s matches and an Army Club Cigarette Packet, containing seven ‘Kensitas’ cigarettes, which was a different brand.’ Feltus p154.

I’m not the only one who was left wondering why Carl Webb carried a spare singlet and spare pair of underpants in his pockets and what’s more, how could PC Moss have missed them? That never made sense, those items are BULKY! Do the test, stuff some of your own into a pocket and see if you can’t find them.

Then the committee had a lightbulb moment – these items, the singlet and Y fronts, were later established to be with the deceased because PC Moss didn’t know he was wearing them at the time he was doing the body search, all he did was go through the dead man’s pockets, everything else he could see: the coat, pullover, shirt, tie, trousers, socks, shoes and the contents of all his pockets. These Moss could establish. So is Feltus playing some sort of word game with his readers?

Perhaps, being aware of the publication PC Moss’ direct contradiction of DS Leane’s sworn evidence – re: matches – and believing it to be true, Feltus, rather than sticking the boot into SAPOL for accepting apparently corrupted evidence took the easy way out and camouflaged his position by coming up with the jocks and singlet routine, then he added in the hanky as a bonus. Check Moss’ list for one, check Leane’s – NO HANKY!

But for what is the fuss?

Well, lets say the individual who carried Webb to the steps, propped him up and placed the half smoked fag under his chin forgot to pop a box of matches into his pocket and that mistake might have had the investigative folks (and the pesky newspapers) wondering how he lit it. But the greatest mystery is why it appears that DS Leane, for one, was part and parcel of the subterfuge. And you have to hand it to Constable Moss, he didn’t waver, his newspaper interview would have pissed Detective Sergeant Leane off bigtime. Goodbye meaningful SAPOL future PC Moss thinkest the committee.

And Moss didn’t find the TS slip either, did he? And the Rubaiyat only surfaced after the Inquest, didn’t it? And Leane kept the TS slip in his drawer for 51 days before giving it to the newspapers just a week or so before news of Cleland finding it was to be made public didn’t he? And how could Leane not follow up the TRAIN ticket found in Webb’s pocket? Train tickets are sold in the train stations whose names are printed on the ticket, plus date and time sold. Leane had the ticket. He could have gone and interviewed the ticket sellers armed with a description of Webb the same day his body was found. The day after the ticket was sold. But he didn’t. Then he lost the Rubaiyat, didn’t he? Lost it before anyone with a camera managed to get a look at it, that and the page with a hole in it, right? Yet this was the individual given the job of heading the investigation. Perhaps we’d be better off knowing who gave him the job.

What was it about Carl Webb that needed to be hidden?

And who was the gent seen lying in his spot by the steps the previous evening, the drunk, the drunk nobody saw arrive and nobody saw leave? The drunk wearing the wrong wardrobe. The drunk who was of great interest to an onlooker on the road above him, the fellow wearing a suit and hat. Five minutes he stood up there just watching the drunk according to Ms Neill, not at all interested in the glimmering sunset over a limpid sea. The same drunk we have been led to believe who managed to sober up, climb the steps, find a pie-cart in town, eat a pasty, find his way back to the beach – all unseen – then light up a smoke despite having no matches before dying a couple of hours later.

If a bloke was to submit that as a manuscript he would have been laughed out of the publisher’s office.

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  1. Clive #

    Not forgetting the pullover per DA.

    January 30, 2023
  2. Apparently the mob over at Dome’s believe every word of that rubbish, him included.

    January 30, 2023
  3. Constable Moss was new to the gig. He was one of the few that didn’t know what was happening around him so he told it like he saw it, not how it was required to be told. Jessica nominated the lucky guy waving on the beach to be the next swimmer, but when she expected to view the same guy looking at the roof for six months she was shocked to see the pastie eater who didn’t arrive on the beach till after 5.00am (after the 9’ high tide that ran 1/3rd of the way up the wall).
    I lost the info about when Jessica transitioned to Judaism, can you help Peter?

    January 30, 2023
  4. It becomes clearer that Prosper was into ilegal Activity since the army and was always protected. The police were covering his mistakes. Why havent we heard why Charlie left the tool Company or how he knew Prosper and Jessica.

    January 31, 2023
    • Well Slides, we only suspect PT had the police in his pocket and he Jess and Webb knew each other. Connections like that are easy to imagine, harder to prove…

      January 31, 2023
      • Yeah unfortunatly people aren’t very professional or helpful. But I read someone had searched for Charles Webbs work records. I wonder if he was fired, quit or was still working there. And I wonder if Webb was killed out of jelousy or if there was something deeper. Wish Charlie d tell us more. *Shrugs*

        January 31, 2023
      • Was Charles Webb hospitalized during the time he went to see Jessica?

        February 1, 2023
  5. dude47 #

    All we have is suspicion Slides but it seems to me that PT having come from Melbourne and with established crooked connections coupled with Carl coming from Melbourne with Roy Webbs crooked connections that both PT and Carl are down to one degree of separation based on what we know at this point in time. Then you have Carl connected to PT place of business and residence based on the phone number.

    January 31, 2023
  6. Guzz Rating #

    Peter Bowes…”I’m not the only one who was left wondering why Carl Webb carried a spare singlet and spare pair of underpants in his pockets….”
    You’ve never gone out and had a few bottles of Cooper’s Pale Ale, have you, my dear fellow!
    Here is wisdom…never leave the house without a spare pair of jocks if you intend getting monged on Cooper’s. PLEASE…trust me me on this!

    January 31, 2023
  7. Clive #

    The man who looked down on the SM for 5 minutes, I presume, was still there when Neil & Olive went home? I’m wondering if the man knew the SM, had injected him with some kind of drug and, was hoping he would die with his back to the sea wall. Did not happen, so the man, with others(?) helped him away and fed him a pastie, a pastie with an extra bit of ‘bite'(?) He vomited, so his trousers were changed and, he was taken along the beach to his earlier sea wall position. He was propped up against the sea wall and was given a cigarette. The pastie did its job.

    February 14, 2023

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