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Contact .. Antero Bonifacio

First I got a hold of Stuart Webb, then today a call from Antero Bonifacio, both men being connected by their DNA to the man identified by Derek Abbott and Colleen Fitzpatrick as being Carl Webb, aka The Somerton Man.

What was this, a lottery win? Am I about to be told of things denied to you and that have been long  been hidden to those of us who have scrapped and scraped for inside news of this mystery?

Sadly, no,

Neither man seemed that interested in the case, let alone any desire for more publicity connecting them to the the Somerton Man.

Then I asked Antero if he knew the names of the folks in the family shot. Negative on that.

Previously I had asked Stewart if he agreed that the Charlie in the pic with Roy and the grandparents looked to be the same height as Roy, despite the known near 3 inch difference in their respective heights … he demurred, only offering the opinion that Charlie may have been stooping when the pic was taken, saying he had a brother who did the same thing.

A man can only carry on.

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  1. Clive #

    Seems a bit odd that both men don’t show/have any interest in this case, I can understand they don’t want their names being linked/family involved etc. Get the impression they are well aware of the case, but want to block it from any further discussion.

    January 27, 2023
    • We’re the weird ones Clive, those blokes are normal.

      January 27, 2023
  2. Clive #

    That’s what my psychiatrist keeps telling me!

    January 28, 2023

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