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Whoops !! Did the Professor pick the wrong Charlie?

Charles Richard Webb. Enlisted 1940 aged 23 (VX 45944)

Photograph of the man claimed by Derek Abbott to be Carl (Charles) ‘Charlie’ Webb (born 1905) taken prior to 1939 (the year his father died)

Never mind the 3 inches, I think the hair-do has it.

… and it’s more likely a cheeky young bloke would flap his hand over the head of an older relative in a family shot, not an older man.

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  1. Jo #

    The hair is very convincing, and the jawline! What does your Ballina hairdresser friend think? If the boy in the foreground of the family photograph is Norman Webb then this bloke would be three years older if he was Charles Richard Webb – so around sixteen or seventeen (Norman at 13-14 – a tall lad but still in short pants). If he was Carl he would be sixteen years older, so around 29-30 years old to Norman’s 13-14 years. Sister Doris would be around 14, which would be a good fit for the young woman with the bobbed hair. And if it isn’t Norman we’d need another set of numbers! I’m going with Norman as the index bloke as the photograph was passed down through his family and the parents are marked as Grandma and Grandpa Webb… That’s about an inch worths of contribution to the debate… If you took up kite surfing you could ask Stuart, he looks like a pro!

    December 17, 2022
  2. And it’s more likely a sixteen year old would flap his hand over the head of an older relative in a family pic, not a twenty nine to thirty year old.

    December 17, 2022
  3. Nick #

    One of the photos is reversed. Flick them over ya dummy.

    December 18, 2022
    • If I didn’t respect you as much as I do, this response would have been assigned to the garbage bin. Dummy indeed.

      December 18, 2022

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