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We have a photograph of a young blonde man somebody tagged as Charlie ..

From blond-haired to brown-haired tinged with red – From less than 5’9” to 5’11” – Who tagged this man as ‘Charlie’?

Image courtesy of MXFACE and Gordon Cramer

Given the information below, would you say this AI improved photograph of Carl (Charles) ‘Charlie’ Webb was taken when he was 18 to 20 or closer to 31?

Who decided this fellow was Carl (Charles) ‘Charlie ‘ Webb?


Roy Webb was born in 1904.

Carl (Charles) ‘Charlie’ Webb was born in 1905.

Charles Richard Webb was born in 1917.

Initial estimates of the ages of both Grandpa and Grandma in this photograph are that they are in their late sixties to early seventies.

For ‘Charlie’ to be Charles Richard Webb he would be 13 years younger than Roy if this photo was taken in 1936 when Grandpa was 70.

For ‘Charlie’ to be Carl (Charles) Webb he would be 1 year younger than Roy if this photo was taken in 1936 when Grandma was 66.

To reiterate:

Charles Richard Webb and Roy Webb were the same height.

Carl (Charles) ‘Charlie’ Webb was over 2 inches higher than both of them.

Charles Richard Webb was fair-haired when he enlisted in 1940.

The Somerton Man was mousy haired with a trace of ginger and little grey about the temples in 1948.


‘Grandpa’ died in 1939 aged 73.

’Grandma’ died in 1946 aged 76.

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  1. David Morgan … you have membership to DA’s Facebook site … perhaps you could ask him.

    December 11, 2022

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