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Derek, Nick, Gordon and a couple of real Charlies.

Some days a man has to laugh.

Here’s everyone thinking The Somerton Man mystery is done and dusted: he’s been found, named, DNA approved, his family photograph unearthed, his background investigated, the problems with his wife widely disseminated, where he worked and who with  … so now it’s time to fold the tents and move on, yes?

Well, no.

To begin …

Derek Abbott, bless him, has unearthed a family photograph with young Carl Charles (Charlie) Webb named (below) and which has been accepted wholesomely by his Facebook followers and broadcast nationally on the ABC. The news has also been spread and applauded worldwide. Everyone is agog. Abbott’s reputation further enhanced.

Reliable sources have reported that there was dancing in the streets of Glenelg on the night the show was aired and the local publicans were refusing to take money for the grog the celebrants were swilling. There is talk now of building a replica set of steps down to the beach from the road and an obelisk marking the very spot Carl Charles (Charlie) Webb was found.

Absolutely sensational stuff. But is this ^ Charlie the right Charlie?


Because we have dissenters, namely Gordon Cramer and Nick Pelling.

They both beg to differ. They are both sowing doubt. They are throwing their spanners into the works.

First Gordon Cramer.

Gordon’s taken the image of Charles Richard Webb – who happened to be Carl Charles (Charlie) Webb’s nephew, him being the son of his older brother Russell R Webb – and with the assistance of Pete ‘Davo’ Davidson has come up with can only be described as a remarkable claim. And it must be admitted my old colleague Cramer is famous for his remarkable claims.

The thrust of their work is as follows.

They think it’s the blonde young Charles Richard Webb who ended up looking like the older, darker and deceased Carl Charlie Webb because he may have been involved in some sort of wartime experimentation that prematurely aged him and was the cause of the loss of eighteen of his teeth.

I think I have that right, with Gordon it’s hard to know.

Charles Richard Webb born 1917 (l) and Carl Charlie Webb born 1905 (r)


Now we can deal Nick (The Dome) Pelling’s spanner in the works.

Pelling too has taken a liking for the image of Charles Richard Webb in that he believes that in the family snaps of the Webb family the fair haired individual top right (ringed) is way too young and far too blonde to be the older and darker haired Carl Charlie Webb and is in fact Charles Richard Webb .

ie; there were two Charlies in the one family ..


There you have it. I think. Everybody is wrong. That’s not Carl Charles up there larking about, it’s his nephew Charles Richard.

And we still don’t have a pic of the adult Charlie, unless that’s him, the older looking nuggety little bloke top row left.

Like the little bloke here, bottom row left.


A man has to laugh.


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  1. Definitely worth a run. The top of nose and mole are consistent and ears are thereabouts. I will confess, I’ll definitely have a small chuckle if it bears fruit. Is it another switcheroo somewhere along with the overnight beach swap?

    December 4, 2022
  2. thedude747 #

    You know I was pretty confident the family picnic photo was Carl but I have to admit looking at the Charlie mug shot Im willing to agree that there is doubt. However the age is an issue for me. Long story short the general feeling was the picnic images are from around 1929 if I remember correctly ? That has the junior Charles at 12 years. The bloke in that image look older than 25 for mine ergo my feeling blond Charlie is SM. But Im happy to be convinced otherwise, but hat must mean the accepted late 20s date is wrong.

    December 4, 2022
  3. Dude, looking through DA’s FB site I’m reading there’s confusion as to when the Webb family photos were taken ..

    December 4, 2022
  4. Guzz Rating #

    Just read the previous thread, “Charlie Webb’s World”.
    Interesting that the newspaper article pasted there “May have been Melbourne man” has his description as….
    ” …fair hair, going grey at the temples and natural teeth.”

    No mention that 18 of those teeth were missing???

    December 4, 2022
  5. em #

    the circled guy is Carl Webb. i am not sure why this has ever been put in doubt specially because Carl Richard Webb looks noting like the lad in every aspect including the build. Maybe to put the naysayers at ease someone could come up with an age progressed version of the photo. one cause of darker hair might be dyes, or lack of sunlight

    December 5, 2022
  6. dude47 #

    Just meant he didn’t have false teeth as heaps of adults did in the day.

    December 5, 2022
    • Guzz Rating #

      Dude…. I dunno, maybe it’s me but if I were describing some unidentified chap in a newspaper article (presumably in the hope that someone out there might recognise the description) …then I wouldn’t make a point that he’s got “natural teeth” when the majority of them aren’t in his gob any more.

      A more accurate description…ie… “…fair hair going grey at the temples, and a toothless bastard…” …just might have resonated with some family member back in Melbourne.

      December 5, 2022
  7. a lurker #

    Hold on Pete, I’m still catching up….
    You mean the British Defective has finally agreed that this bloke never took the monicker ‘Fedosimov’?

    December 5, 2022
    • It looks like Fedosimov has been reduced to a micro-sized error of judgement and swept under the carpet ..

      December 5, 2022
  8. Gordon Cramer seems to believe this latest discussion is if Charles Richard Webb is Carl Charles Webb, aka the Somerton Man … I ‘d like to put the old boy right but I’m an illegal substance down his way …. maybe Pete Davo can have a word in his ear. We’re discussing whether the blonde Charlie in the family photos is the right Charlie … not if he’s the Charlie on the slab who is without doubt at least one of the Charlie’s.

    December 5, 2022

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