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All you need to know about barbiturates and who used it to commit suicide.

People who are known to have died by suicide from barbiturate overdose include, Gillian Bennett, Charles Boyer, Ryan Lingyu, Victor Folke Nelson, Dalida, Janine “The singing Nun” Deckers, Felix Hausdorff, Abbie Hoffman (header pic),

Phyllis Hyman, C.P.Ramanujam, George Sanders, Carole Landis, Jean Seberg,

Lupe Velez and 39 members of the Heaven’s Gate cult. Edie Sedgwick,

Aimee Semple McPherson , Kenneth Williams, Margaret Sullavan, R. H. Barlow, Alan Wilson (of Canned Heat), Marilyn Monroe,

Review: 'Blonde' Gaslights Marilyn Monroe | National Review


Pier Angeli, Brian Epstein (manager of the Beatles), Judy Garland, Jimi Hendrix, Inger Stevens, Dinah Washington, Ellen Wilkinson and Alan Wilson.

Seberg' Trailer: Kristen Stewart Brings Jean Seberg Back | IndieWire

Jean Seberg

Maurice Chevalier attempted suicide in March 1971 by swallowing a large amount of barbiturates and slitting his wrists. He survived.

Maurice Chevalier-publicity.jpg

A young Chevalier

Some of the most common barbiturates are as follows:

  • Amobarbital. This can treat insomnia, but it’s only effective in the short term. It can also help with certain neurological (brain function) tests.
  • Butalbital. This medication is part of many combination medications, including aspirin, acetaminophen, caffeine and codeine. Depending on the combination, it can treat migraines and tension headaches.
Tragedy of the singing nun | Express Yourself | Comment |

The Singing Nun

  • Methohexital. This medication is useful for anesthesia in short diagnostic and treatment procedures. It’s very helpful in procedures like electroconvulsive therapy.
  • Pentobarbital. This medication is useful for pre-anesthesia. It can also stop seizures as they’re happening.
  • Phenobarbital. This medication is also useful for preventing seizures or stopping them when they’re happening.
Judy Garland | International Center of Photography

Judy Garland

  • Primidone. This medication prevents convulsions, making it useful for preventing seizures.
  • Secobarbital. This medication treats insomnia, but this is less common, and many healthcare providers avoid prescribing it.
When Jimi Hendrix came to Washington and blew its mind - The Washington Post

Jimi Hendrix

Barbiturates are depressants that produce a wide spectrum of central nervous system depression from mild sedation to coma. They also have been used as sedatives, hypnotics, anesthetics, and anticonvulsants.

Barbiturates are classified as: Ultrashort, Short, Intermediate, Long-acting.

Common street names include: Barbs, Block Busters, Christmas Trees, Goof Balls, Pinks, Red Devils, Reds & Blues, and Yellow Jackets.

What is a Barbiturate? - Harmony Ridge Recovery Center


Barbiturates are abused by swallowing a pill or injecting a liquid form. Barbiturates are generally abused to reduce anxiety, decrease inhibitions, and treat unwanted effects of illicit drugs. Barbiturates can be extremely dangerous because overdoses can occur easily and lead to death.

Pier Angeli

Barbiturates cause: Mild euphoria, lack of restraint, relief of anxiety, and sleepiness.

Higher doses cause impairment of memory, judgment, and coordination; irritability; and paranoid and suicidal ideation. Tolerance develops quickly and larger doses are then needed to produce the same effect, increasing the danger of an overdose.

Barbiturates slow down the central nervous system and cause sleepiness.

Heaven's Gate Cult

Four of the thirty-nine identically dressed members of the Heaven’s Gate cult who committed suicide.

Click to access Barbiturates-2020_0.pdf


Fitting what we know about Charles Webb into all that isn’t too hard.


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  1. Clive #

    Perhaps with “The Singing Nun” her habit got the better of her? Seriously, it’s a sad roll call of some talented individuals who deserved better in life.

    November 20, 2022
    • Then there is George Marshall and possibly Tibor Kaldor to add to the list.

      November 20, 2022
  2. It sounds like you are going with the rest (including the Professor) and looking to close this down Peter.
    Just like “Big Brother” who NEEDS it to go away as well, and it’s likely it will without the facts being known, let alone verified.
    Your site has asked so many questions over the time and very few have been successfully answered. Your questions!
    Don’t eliminate the things on the fringe just yet.
    There is an AIF Enlistment that carries both Kean and Keane with the telltale “T”, and it’s not Gerald.
    And the ID Card, safely protected in a well loved and stored family photo album, is also relevant. But it has taken a back seat to his identification, but still linking to this and the Beaumonts.
    The amount of official corruption, evidence tampering, murder and body tampering between 1940 and 1966 is voluminous.
    There is a bigger picture here!

    November 21, 2022
    • It’s not going to go away, Alan, until we find out where he died, who carried him to the beach, who planted a box of matches on his body, whether there was a relationship between Webb, the man seen lying by the steps the previous evening and the man Olive Neill saw looking down on him for an inordinate length of time .. add to that the fact that the police investigation appeared to be deliberately delayed until the inquest was adjourned and most importantly, when did Jessica meet Webb and under what circumstances.

      November 21, 2022
  3. 1945 The rush to get U235.
    1948 Operation BALAK

    November 21, 2022
  4. The Sly Dog #

    Unfortunately like many other drugs that get used and abused for recreational and / or self-prescribed medicinal purposes, the human body builds up a tolerance over time, requiring the user to take a higher and higher dosage to achieve the desired analgesic affect… that is, until they reach that dose of no return.
    And, yep it’s not all barbiturates as hard tablets or capsules. Pentobarbitone sodium (Lethabarb) is used in veterinary practices for euthanasia. A sickly green-coloured solution but also comes in a clear variety. For larger animals it is injected intravenously. For smaller animals the injection was made* through one of the intercostal muscles and directly into the heart.
    * I seem to recall this practice no longer meets animal ethics guidelines, but at least 10 years ago I saw this technique used under correct permits for the collection of small mammals for the purpose of obtaining museum voucher specimens.

    November 21, 2022
  5. Clive #

    Operation BALAK and Jessie, two strangers in Adelaide and both dead within two weeks of each other. No one knows why these two strangers were in Adelaide, still question marks if both were suicides or not? And, both end up a short distance from each other in the same cemetery.

    November 21, 2022
    • I read that Op Balak was a smuggling operation sending weapons to Israel in ‘48… where’s the SA connection ?

      November 21, 2022
      • Clive Turner #

        Just surmising that somewhere in the mix could be Jessie?

        November 21, 2022
      • Peter, in another site it describes the use of the ROK messaging in 1945, but it is ended when George M is found in Sydney. Then in 1948 another cause (Israel) is supported by resurrecting the ROK system and it is a cause that Jessica is close to. It is running buy-back .303s through Wacol Army Base in Brisbane by a slightly incapacitated storeman and a US Army Staff Sergeant attached to the USO group. John Comber Robertson has experience as a Supvr. in mental institutions as well as Military QM ranking.

        November 22, 2022
  6. Clive #

    I guess it is, it seems a mite overwhelming looking at the bigger picture per Alan’s remarks. Perhaps, as Alan mentions it’s possibly the fringe elements, which may be of some use. Webb disappears April (?) 1947 until 30 Nov 1948, Was Carl the same C.Webb in WA, or was this another C. Webb? Why didn’t his family try and find out where he was, didn’t his birthday, Christmas mean anything? Possibly the best clue maybe the fact that his legs were sun burnt up to his crotch-what does this tell us? And, that he was an electrical instrument worker.

    November 22, 2022
  7. Last bit from me, sorry! Q:- Why SA? A:- Mark Oliphant.

    November 22, 2022
  8. Clive #

    Wouldn’t surprise me to learn that Jessie was quite involved in supporting the Israeli cause. Wasn’t there some kind of listening post nearby her house at Moseley St? And where did Prosper’s sudden riches come from?

    November 22, 2022
  9. David Morgan #

    There is a contradiction with the Carl Webb story here because his inquest showed he didn’t take a standard barbiturate. In all the cases above the drug was likely detected and determined at autopsy. His loss of teeth is also intriguing – if you study the family picture he is the family member that smiles and shows his teeth whereas most of the others keep their mouth closed. If he had got to 1930 without losing many teeth what happened to him between 1930 to 1943 – losing a tooth per year?

    November 28, 2022
  10. em #

    lead poisoning does cause teeth decay and loss of teeth….so assuming he was working in a location with a lot of contact with lead. We haven’t, however, got proof that he lost his teeth between those years mentioned…..he could have lost his teeth after 1943

    November 29, 2022

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