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The bloodstained shirt … Part 3

Conjecture that the bloodstain was the result of blood oozing from the body during and after autopsy then ponding on the freezer trolley overnight leaving a ‘large blood-tinted stain on back of (Webb’s) shirt near top on one side of [something] of a tear’ during the process of re-dressing him infers a very sloppy and unhealthy procedure in what should have been a sterile, controlled environment, or as much as could be expected at the old West Terrace Mortuary (pictured).

In addition, it is normal procedure after an autopsy to plug all the exit points to inhibit leakage of blood, fecal and urinary matter, this not only provides for good hygiene, important for those involved in the procedure, it also lessens the odours that accompany the decomposition of a body over time. This also applies to the openings in the chest and stomach that enabled the person doing the autopsy to access whatever organs deemed necessary for further examination, as once they have been removed the open wound is closed and stitched, similarly with the skin covering the skull if the brain had been removed..

In Webb’s case, Dr Dwyer removed his stomach and contents, his liver and muscle, a glass jar of urine and one of blood.

Webb’s now hygienically sealed body would have been removed from the operating table and laid on its back on the freezer trolley and given (1) freezer trolleys have a flat surface and (2) the stain was on the upper shoulder of his shirt – it would appear the bloodstain was the result of an event prior to the autopsy.


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