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‘He was sullen, rude, wrote his own poetry and may have had mental issues.’

The Suicide by Elihu Vedder.

The Keane Connection.

John Keane, died in the World War II in 1943, which was the same year Mr Carl Webb’s brother Roy died in battle.

John Keane’s possessions included items such as a map of Chicago and some American coins, which implies he resided in the US at some point.

‘Therefore, the hand-me-downs that (Carl) Charles Webb received from his brother-in-law might likely have included clothing of his nephew, explaining why a number of items in the Somerton Man’s possessions appeared to be of US origin,’ Professor Abbott added.

It also gave a further clue as to why Mr Webb had the word ‘Keane’ labelled on his tie when his body was found.

The Sister

Mr Webb had five siblings including two brothers and three sisters (pictured, older sister Doris Maud Webb)

Mr Webb had five siblings including two brothers and three sisters (pictured, older sister Doris Maud Webb)

A Tragic Chain of Events.

Documents revealed Webb suffered unspeakable tragedy in the years leading up to his death in 1948, with four of his close relatives dying in a seven-year stretch.

His father Richard died in 1939, his brother Roy and brother-in-law John Keane died in the war in 1943 and his mother died in 1946.

There was also the breakdown of his marriage to Dorothy Jean, which led to the couple’s split in April, 1947.

He Would Be Sullen and Rude.

‘If he (Carl) lost he would be sullen and rude to me, or anyone else, if he lost at cards, he would become unpleasant to everyone,’ Mrs Webb said in documents.

She described him as living a quiet life and being in bed by 7pm each night and that he sometimes ‘refused’ to speak to her.

Dr Colleen Fitzpatrick suspected Mr Webb had mental health issues and would ‘spiral down’.



Speaking to the Guardian Abbot said: “The most important thing is that the DNA taken from the hair caught in the plaster cast of Somerton man matches with distant cousins of Carl “Charles” Webb on both maternal and paternal sides of the family.”

His Poetry

Details about Webb were provided when the couple filed for divorce. “One of the interesting details is that [Webb] was into writing his own poetry,” Abbott says, which connects to the evidence of the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám.


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  1. LMR #

    Carl Webb wrote poetry!
    Maybe he drafted a verse composition that we mistakenly think is an uncrackable code?
    Suppose Carl was composing a poem in his head. He had a moment of clear inspiration and chose to create an aide memoire as he was without pen or paper, and not at a desk. It’s not neat handwriting and some letters are erratic. Was he on a train? If it were a lengthy journey, and a few more hours before his destination he cannot trust his composition to memory. He quickly pencilled those letters in the back of the only book he had with him, to help him recall later. The second line struck out because it scanned better as a third line, with slight alterations.
    As early as 1949 in a letter to the editor of The Daily News, an interested sleuth – J Sayers of Perth -was one of the first who attempted poetry to fit the acrostic.

    August 13, 2022
    • Jacquie #

      Code appears to poetry written in Arabic, a most likely explanation being that Webb wasn’t fluent in language.
      Courtesy: Omarr Khayyam research foundation

      The ‘code’ can be translated as the following:

      In an 8 syllable version, which matches that found in TSM’s Arabic original:

      “And foam, father, eternally, At illness “MPAN ETP”! Fill dad, O Saqi Aiaqçi! Poisoning done, evade lady! “

      In an expanded 10-syllables meter version:

      “And be foaming, father, eternally, At your illness case “MPAN ETP”! Fill for daddy, O Saqi Aiaqçi! Poisoning done, keep a distance lady!”

      An expanded 12-syllables meter version, the meter followed by Omar Khayyam in his original Persian, allows for incorporating feelings and thoughts TSM may have been trying to include as found in the crossed-out line. So, we can have the following to convey the basic spirit of what and how TSM was trying to express:

      “And to foam, Ah father, for an eternity At your long diagnosis “MPAN ETP” Fill daddy to the brim, O Saqi Aiaqçi! Poisoning done, keep distance, you’ll be missed lady!

      October 5, 2022

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