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Were all the Webbs as camera shy as Carl?

Nobody’s having much luck in finding any more images of Carl Webb and as a result they are beginning to concoct a whole new series of reasons of why not, one being he was gay and given the times wasn’t too willing to advertise it, another that he had a nervous breakdown after his brother died, all meaning ……….

Here we go again.

The committee though has come up with something a little revolutionary, asking if all the Webbs were equally discretionary when it came to having their photos taken and if so then that’s the mystery solved. The whole thing turns into a case of join the club.

We would ask any willing burrower to consider having a dig. Any successful efforts will gain substantial exposure, worldwide.

The Webb Mob

Russel R Webb 1893-1949

Freda Grace Webb 1896-1964

Gladys May Webb 1897-1955


Doris Maud Webb 1901-1956

Mr Webb had five siblings including two brothers and three sisters (pictured, older sister Doris Maud Webb)


Roy Webb 1904-1943


Carl Charles Webb 1905-1948

We need the full collection, and who knows, young Carl might show up at a wedding or birthday party.

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  1. thedude747 #

    Can’t help but agree with one of the contributors (can’t remember if it was here or at Domes place) about the frustration of the continued failings of the totally incompetent SA Cops.

    This mob have failed to nab serial child killers , serial rapists who were known to drug molest and in some cases torture to death teenage lads , hunters of them just for kicks almost every weekend despite being given the names of the perpetrators from almost day one.

    It took them 25 years to nab and convict the clearly glaringly obvious and only suspect in the NCA bombing.

    At the same time they have zealously pursued and convicted multiple unfortunate innocent people in recent memory. Just for fun look at the number they did on Henry Keough just for starters.

    Going back to our case and you realise that the ROK red herring that Jo threw at them was bought hook line and sinker.Nothing to see here. Move on and lets not mention the “very acceptable lass again”. Stupid bastards !!
    It wasn’t until about 2011 that her name became public and by then George , Jo, Robyn , all of Webbs siblings , Doff and anyone of potential value were well in the grave.

    This is not a mystery, its a masterclass in the total incompetence of SAPOL. Adelaide is not the city of mystery its the city of the world dumbest coppers. F..n Keystone cops could do a better job.

    Even Feltus wasn’t prepared to let the names out in his book. We had to go digging for ourselves. Was Feltus worried that someone may beat him to the prize.

    Don’t know but just imagine if from day one word went public in Melbourne with Webb’s photo and accompanying information asking if anyone knows the face or knows someone who was coming to Adelaide to see George Thomson or Jess Harkness. They were pretty certain he came from Melbourne so why not try. Unless twats !!!

    August 9, 2022
  2. a lurker #

    Why would people be so surprised there’s a lack of pictures? Pretty sure once I cark it the only photos people might find will be from social media. But pretty sure there wasn’t any instagram or tweeter back in the day.
    Maybe people need to think about some reasons why someone’s photo would appear anywhere but in a shoebox at their mum’s place. Even trawling archives will only uncover picuters if theres a reason for them existing.

    Didn’t know people are speculating over the lack of photos – but sort of just shows what idjits they can be

    August 9, 2022

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