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The Somerton Man’s Ship Has Sailed

… and its decks are crowded with embarkees as we wave them all farewell, friends both new and old, gone, never to return.

The ballet dancer.

The uranium miner.

The Russian spy.

The American spy.

The German Nazi.

The MI5 operative.

The baccarat school lookout.

The V2 rocket technician.

Pavel Fedosimov.

The micro-writers.

The Lithuanian collaborator.

The Danetta Group.

The communist spy.

The ship’s 3rd officer.

The member of the Small Ships Company.

The deserter.

The lithographer.

The illegal immigrant.

The refugee from the war in Europe.

The distant member of the Thomson family.

Alf Boxall.

George Marshall.

The man who wore high heels.

Tibor Kaldor.

Ina Harvey.

Leslie Francis Wytkin.

Deliberate police inaction.

Political interference.

And finally –

The black marketeer (maybe)


For constantly updated information on the Webb family you could do no worse than follow Nick Pelling’s Cipher Mystery site. When it comes to research Dome leads the field.

It’s a pleasure.

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  1. Glen #

    What do you think Pete?
    We’re the blue contact lenses part of the deception? $$$

    August 20, 2022
    • DA chuckles at those who thought Webb was a spy, no doubt hoping there was some intrigue to his origins regardless, but knowing now the reality is that his aspirations are dashed and all he has is a toolmaker for a stranger in his house. Mr Somerton indeed.

      August 20, 2022

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