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‘You know how I answer the question, ”Was he a spy?” I get a coin, and I flip it up in the air.’ Feltus.

The Somerton Man is in the news again courtesy of today’s ABC News (see link) and there are a couple of quotes in the article worth repeating, especially the Professor’s more recent theory that TSM is a red-haired Irish mucker named Keane. His investigations along those lines are proceeding.

‘”I’ve been looking at different Keane families throughout Australia and looking at if I can construct their family trees and seeing if I can find a missing Keane — but no luck to report as yet,” Professor Abbott. 

Coincidentally, if you click on the ABC link you’ll see the article was written by a Daniel Keane. How’s the irony?

“The other thing we found is what’s called his maternal haplogroup — that means the genetic group his mother is descended from.”

That haplogroup, H4a1a1a, is “pretty much evenly spread around Europe”, so it neither comprehensively confirms nor refutes conjectures of Russian or Irish origins.

But Professor Abbott is not deterred.

“Our efforts are ongoing and we’re persisting,” he said.

“Every time we have a go at it, we get a bit more.”

Feltus joins the chorus with a worthy quote, having never been a fan of the spy scenario, saying,‘You know how I answer the question, ”Was he a spy?” I get a coin, and I flip it up in the air.’

“I don’t think there’s compelling evidence — just these scattered circumstantial things that can be explained in different ways,” Professor Abbott said.

Meanwhile …

“There is no update from Major Crime [Investigation Branch] on this case at this time,” SA Police recently said.

“Police will provide further comment when results from the testing are received.”


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