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The Unknown Man Who Saw What Was Really There ..

Things are slow on the Somerton Man front, not a lot happening with the DNA investigation either so a man has to look for something to keep the punters interested, so what better than the story of a real coverup from the heavyweight end of the Somerton Man blogosphere.

And I quote ….

“.. whoever worked on the code page, would have seen what was really there and it was literally covered up and then released for the public to see.” Gordon Cramer.




Before you ask who was the whoever, and before you ask what was really there, you might wonder why what was really there was covered up by whoever in the first place. Perhaps the author of this rather fragile theory might shed some light upon the matter. Gordon?

To begin, we reconstruct the steps that presumably led to his remarkable revelation and as revealed by the gentleman himself, a task that has consumed the better part of ten years.

(1) On the 23rd of July 1949  DS Leane examines the back cover of a Rubaiyat with a large magnifying glass and in so doing spots a couple of lines of capital letters written in faint pencil.


It is crucial we remember this basic fact as it is all we have to work with.

(1) According to Cramer, either Leane or somebody else on the team examined the capital letters and saw what was really there. Strangely though, Gerry Feltus makes no mention of this startling development in his book The Unknown Man.

Then …

(2) Leane decided to photograph the capital letters using GLASS Plate photography, a method known for its very fine detail, producing Photo/1.

At this very early stage we can move onto Cramer’s CODE CRACKING TUTORIAL, an apparent masterpiece proudly claimed to have been viewed over 8,000 times.

(3) Once Photo/1 was back in Leane’s possession either he or somebody else covered up what was really there with ink as they didn’t want the public to see what they saw.

(4) Leane then photographed the covered up image using the same Glass Plate process, producing Photo/2. This was the image Naval Intelligence was given and knowing what we know now, it’s apparent that even they were not authorised to see what was really there. (Perhaps a reader might be so kind as to pop over to and ask Gordon why this was so as he doesn’t answer the phone anymore when I ring)

(5) Immerse Photo/2 in bleach where in about three minutes what was once a faintly pencilled series of capital letters becomes visible as a dark line of micro-code.

(6) This remarkable apparition is photographed, producing Photo/3.

then …

(7) Photo/3 is inked over using a .7 mm nib.

(8) then photographed, producing Photo/4.

(9) Then Photo/4 is immersed in bleach for several minutes.

(10) and ‘Hey presto!‘ What was once a faintly pencilled series of capital letters becomes visible again as a dark line of micro-code.

There you have it.

Finally, I would like to quote Cramer regarding his frustration with those who are too blind to see what he sees.

“Some questions for other bloggers in this space (meaning me), I was wondering when you will start to at least look at the implications of the results of this work? Are you unable to see how the whole case changes? Will our audiences be treated to yet more re-runs of the suitcase contents and imaginings about the body?” 

Gordon, I’ve looked, and as far as implications go I’d like to paraphrase Omar:

” Myself when younger did eagerly frequent
blogger and blowhard, and heard great Argument
About micro-code and about; but evermore
Came out by the same Door as in I went.”

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  1. Gordon … a question. Why did ‘whoever’ deny Naval Intelligence the opportunity to see what he saw? Perhaps you might respond on your own site although I’d prefer it if you could stare down the barrel over here.
    More ..
    Perhaps you could confirm that the ‘whoever’ was one of the SM investigators as well, and suggest the reason why he didn’t inform his superiors of his finding.

    June 19, 2022
  2. Gordon, pick up the phone, it’s your credibility calling.

    June 21, 2022
  3. The Sly Dog #

    While you wait for the callback… I was wondering where the reference that confirms glass plate photography was used come from? Mr Feltus in his book?? A few years back I did ask about the provenance of the famed code page photo on your fav SM blog site; whether the photo was taken with film or glass negative and whether the mark up was done with white on the negative or black on the print. Didn’t elicit an answer to confirm any details…
    One thing that I like about this particular post is that if you follow the logic for getting a marked-up photograph (and stop there, no nano-micro-mini code business), somewhere way back there was a photograph, or at least a negative of the back of the book, pre-mark up, as it would have been seen by DS Lean and Jimmy Durham on the real item. Maybe including the phone numbers before they were covered also…
    I always thought that the recent origin of the marked up code page (JPEG) came from the a scan from The Advertiser’s archive, not from SA Police’s. Is there undiscovered photographic gold in the dusty depths somewhere???

    June 24, 2022
    • I remember John Sanders running a rumour that he had contact with one of the Durham family about a trove of SM photos … Try him out on Cipher Mysteries, the old lad loves to chat.

      June 24, 2022

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