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The following items were found and recorded: 1 railway ticket to Henley Beach, A bus ticket (tramways), cigarettes in a packet (these were not compared with the partly smoked cigarette on the man’s lapel) One metal comb, one ordinary comb, chewing gum. No matches were listed by Constable Moss. (Matches were found in a subsequent search, See the implications section at the beginning of Chapter 3 that follows) Constable Moss also mentioned that he did not find the small slip of paper bearing the words TAMAM SHUD.” Gordon Cramer 27 April 2022.

Words are extremely important within this context, for instance the sentence ” No matches were listed by Constable Moss” should say “No matches were found by Constable Moss.

Moss was interviewed at length by the the Press where he  said “For instance, the fingers of the dead man were heavily nicotined and yet, although there was half a packet of cigarettes in one of his pockets, he didn’t have a match on him. It occurred to me as rather strange that if a man who was obviously such a heavy smoker was going to spend a little time on the beach he would have gone there without matches.” 

Moss mentioned in his deposition that after searching the clothing he did not find the small slip of paper bearing the words TAMAM SHUD, making no mention of being unable to find and search the fob pocket and knowing as we do that (1) the trousers worn by TSM were of a common variety and (2) the great majority of trousers being worn in 1949 had similarly placed fob pockets, it’s inconceivable to think that Moss was unable to find it.


DS Leane handed over all the evidence, including the clothing worn by TSM to Professor Cleland shortly after he collected the suitcase from the Railway Station in January and it wasn’t until mid April when Cleland reported back to say he had found the TS slip in the fob pocket of the trousers taken off the corpse.


In short

Gerry Feltus writes that a box of matches was later established to be with the body –

DS Leane is told that the Tamam Shud slip was later established to be with body –

Both revelations were disclosed in the three months the evidence was not under police supervision and both turned out to be extremely vital to the case. Without the matches, questions would have been asked as to how an apparently inebriated man had lit the half-smoked cigarette found wedged under his chin.

And without the Tamam Shud slip the entire case structure as we know it collapses. All of it.

It’s that simple.

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  1. Clive #

    So, in other words, and, despite PC Moss and his statement, it was vital that both a box of matches and a torn piece of paper were discovered, I wonder what PC Moss thought about these discoveries?

    April 27, 2022
    • Bloke was low rank, a nobody. Probably had someone looking over his shoulder when he made his statement. I give him one thing, he had the guts to give the newspaper an honest answer about the matches. Probably set up the interview himself and paid the price, remembering he disagreed with DS Leane, who swore the matches were found with the body.
      I’m thinking that would have meant a shitstorm of problems for Moss.

      April 27, 2022

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