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Not me, that’s what Dr. John Matthew Dwyer stated in his deposition in 1949 … He was ASTOUNDED that Dr. James Cowan had found nothing to indicate the Somerton Man had been poisoned and thought natural causes were the culprits.

Dwyer went on to say he thought Cowan would have found something, being a chemist of considerable experience. But nothing?


Here’s our man the Somerton Man healthy in every outward way, nails trimmed, hands clean, fit as an athlete, dressed for town, shoes polished, shirt clean, tie knotted, unbruised and unbloodied. Dead. That’s how he looked before Dwyer opened him up. And what a picture that must have been.

His throat was inflamed and swollen. When that happens your voice comes out like a cane toad’s croak and even swallowing spittle is a test of character. Smoking? I don’t think so, and the pasty could only have been swallowed earlier. And who knows what might have been in slipped into that.

His gullet was covered with a whitening mucus with a patch of ulceration in the middle.

Is it just me thinking that whatever it was that blew up in his throat carried on down and burnt a hole in his gullet? No?

Because next down were his lungs and they were dark with congested blood, according to Dwyer.

Then whatever it was hit the upper stomach which Dwyer found deeply congested with a superficial redness and small haemorrhages beneath the mucus.

Then he found blood mixed with the food in his stomach.

Next is the 2nd half of the duodenum … maybe we should have a pic here so we can follow the trail of this time bomb.

The duodenum was where Dwyer found more congestion which carried on down through the thinner part. Then the mystery object hit the kidneys which he found were both congested with blood.


I’m glad you asked because next is the liver and Dwyer found that contained ‘a great excess of blood in its vessels.’

Apart from that trail of utter destruction he was in good shape and all we’ve been talking about for 70+ years is how buff he was on the outside, but inside? Completely buggered.


So, you have to ask yourself if he was poisoned then who’s got the international track record?  Not only that, but why would they have done it? And who was he that he needed chasing down and poisoning in nowheresville called Adelaide? And what did innocent young Jessica Harkness have to do with it all? And what’s with this Tamam Shud hidden away in his fob Pocket?

Who needed to know IT WAS ENDED?

Stalin then. Putin now. Same as.

Georgi Markov, a Bulgarian dissident died after a KGB agent pricked him with a ricin-tipped umbrella. In 1957, Nikolai Khokhlov, a KGB defector, came close to death after drinking a cup of coffee laced with an unknown type of thallium.

In 2004, Viktor Yushchenko, a candidate who ran against a Kremlin-favored incumbent for Ukraine’s presidency was poisoned with dioxin, leaving him disfigured.

Investigative journalist, Anna Politkovskaya fell suddenly ill and lost consciousness after drinking a cup of tea while flying to the Russian city of Beslan during the school siege there. She survived, but was shot dead two years later, on Putin’s birthday.

In 2006, Alexander Litvinenko, a former officer from Russia’s FSB security service turned critic, died after being exposed to polonium-210, a radioactive isotope, slipped into his tea at an upscale hotel. Russian intelligence officer Sergey Skripal, was nearly fatally poisoned with a nerve agent in the English town of Salisbury.

The suspected poisoning of Alexey Navalny is the latest to happen to a long line of Kremlin opponents.

Always bet on the horse that has form.

Though there is always an outsider in every race.

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  1. Clive #

    Dissidents, journalists, former FSB agents, the Kremlin certainly knows how to look after their citizens, hopefully, Putin will be the next in line to suffer, and suffer I hope he does.

    April 11, 2022

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