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The Somerton Man committed suicide you say?

Well, there could be a problem with that.

The Tamam Shud slip.

It’s perfectly reasonable for some to accept that PC Moss missed the TS slip on his initial search, they think maybe he just gave the fob pocket a bit of a pat and a squeeze rather than poke a finger in. I mean, all that’s supposed to be kept in there are coins and if there had been some he would have noticed. He didn’t miss the two tickets though, so it looks like he did a thorough search.

So, now it’s down to Professor Cleland, the man with a solid reputation, 700 inquest assists to his name and famous for sniffing out cyanide on a length of long dead intestine in a noted murder / suicide case. The same man who was cruelly afflicted with an illness that meant he was unable to travel to New Guinea and collect the herbs and spices cannibal highlanders used to flavour the bodies of their vanquished enemies.

It took Cleland to find the TS slip but even with his wide experience he was apparently unable to figure out what the two words meant or where they came from, not forgetting Analyst Cowan who was with him at the time trying on TSM’s slippers and shoes. No help in translating from him either. I guess neither man ever noticed a Rubaiyat for sale in a bookshop anywhere.

The Freeman Rubaiyat.

This baby was slipped, tossed, chucked, thrown – any way you’d like to phrase it – into a parked car, later to be shoved into the glove-box.  Meaning whoever tossed the book didn’t care about it, just wanted to get rid of it quick smart and be off. And what are the chances the book might have been noticed in a typical glove-box? Have a look in yours next time you get into the car. Windscreen cloth, sunglasses, maybe a road atlas, rego papers, take-away menus, an old box of matches, service manual, grit and shit in the corners, coins, and that’s just your stuff, the little lady makes her own contributions to the mess. You’ve got kids? Then add more. So who notices a small pocket-sized soft-cover book?


What I’m getting at here is if TSM topped himself he could have done it better, made it look so somebody would get the picture. But no, he hid it all. Hid himself too, Mr. Nobody. Just propped himself up dead by a bunch of steps leading down to a popular beach on a balmy November evening.

Everybody noticed that.

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  1. Clive #

    If he had wanted to kill himself, all he had to do was simply walk down to the beach, when dark, and keep on walking into the sea and, just float away.

    April 9, 2022

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