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The only thing that really bugged Derek Abbott about the Somerton Man Case was the absence of a spare pair of socks in his suitcase ..

WHY no spare socks? … That’s the only one for DA.

Here are a couple more …

Why was the evidence was tampered with, why did the police act prematurely in identifying the Barbour Thread as the only link between the suitcase its contents and TSM, why did nobody take any notice of Gordon Strapp’s deposition, why was PC Moss’ sworn deposition regarding the absence of a box matches overruled and contradicted  by his superiors, why was PC Moss’ sworn deposition regarding the absence of the Tamam Shud slip in his initial search of TSM’s pockets not believed, why was senior government analyst Cowan unable to identify the black powder shaken from the particle brush, despite being SA’s most prominent chemist / analyst, why did Jessica Harkness remember so much about Alfred Boxall when he admitted he didn’t even know her last name, why wasn’t the Freeman Rubaiyat given to Naval Intelligence to assist them in deciphering the code, how was the ‘Freeman’ Rubaiyat lost in the first few weeks of the investigation, why were no photographs taken of either the book or the torn slip, why were no photos taken of the telephone number written on the back, why weren’t the singlet and laundry bag photographed, why was no mention made of the labels being removed or not from the dressing gown and pyjamas, why were no photographs taken of the code prior to its being marked over, why were two tickets were left in TSM’s pockets, both leading back to the city where the suitcase was lodged, why did detective Brown fail to answer Littlemore’s question when asked if the TS slip matched the tear in the missing Rubaiyat, why was there was no shoe- polishing rag found in his suitcase, why did detective Brown request a second opinion as to whether the slip matched the tear when Feltus was told one fitted the other perfectly, why did DS Leane failed to alert the press for 51 days after being told Professor Cleland found the TS slip, why didn’t the police didn’t think to check aircraft arrivals in the days preceding the finding the body, why was no official mention made of the possibility of the pasty hosting the poison believed to have killed TSM, why did nobody, including Stanton Hicks and Professor Cleland believe the dire medical state of TSM was caused by a poison, why did they disregard that his many serious medical ailments may have caused his death even without the assistance of a poison, why did the coroner change his mind and rule TSM died on the beach, why, in saying this, did he completely disregard the contradictory position of the body’s lividity and why does V70 infer the writer was a bar lush when Boxall described Harkness as just a very young girl  …. 

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