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Strangers In Our Midst 2 .. Who was the Somerton Man?

Some of the men listed below may have changed their names, others may have kept them and settled in America and Australia with their families. Some readers may find their family name here, if this is the case then they should know that these lists have not been re-produced out of malice but purely to assist in identifying the Somerton Man who is suspected by some to have been a transplanted German scientist / technician working in a South Australian weapons development complex in Salisbury, only a short distance from where he was found dead.

Who knows, there might be a photograph of this man in an old family album, one in a group say, happy to be free of the hated Nazi stain.

Found dead on Somerton Beach on December 1st, 1948. Still unidentified.


The following list contains names of Germans involved in Chemical and Biological research who were considered suitable for post-war employment by both the Allies and Russia.

Dr. Englelhardt.

Dr. Mollney.

Dr. Willig.

Dr. H. Endler.

Herr Sappok.

Herr Jacobi.

Dr. Schreiner.

Dr. Schmeiss.

Oberst Hirsch.

Dr. Walter Hirach.

Dr Ing Rudolf Ulm.

Professor Ebert.

Dr. Von BockSarin & Tabun Chemist.

Schmal – Tabun.

BilfingerSarin Expert.

Roch – Nerve Gas Research.

Brintzinger – Nerve Gas Compounds.

Tabun is a man-made chemical warfare agent classified as a nerve agent and was invented by a German chemist, Gerhard Schrader, in the mid-1930s.

end …….

Names in addition to the 1st post – Technicians and Scientists

Dr. Sergei Traustel.

Mikulaschek – Guided missile control engineer.

Laurenz – as above.

Bosse– Radar aerial specialist.


Professor Schiebold – X-ray examination of bearings.

Dr. Backhaus – Knowledge of EF – 131 & EF – 137.

Hensell – Leader of testing group in the station dept of STB.

Bierschenk Hans – Designer.

Hoffman Hans – Electro-Technics.

Brautigan – Fire Control.

Linderman Hans – Fire Control.

Kind Herbert – Control Instruments.

Gelbke Ernst – Control Instruments.

Dr. Klein Heinrich.

Pelz Karl.

Huboldt Willi – Machine Designer.

Kupper Johannes – Underwater Acoustics.

Ribnit Walter – Machine Designer.

Bahrain Ferdinand.

Bublitz Johannes.Dietrich Karl – Steam Turbines.

Thamer Kurt.

Woekle Hermann.

Bauer Josef.

Buchmann Kurt – Torpedo.

Kuse – Chief Designer.


Hoffman – Axial Compressor Design.

von Treuenfels – Wind Tunnel Technique.

Professor Romberg Freidrich.

Augustin – I C Engineer.

Professor Sass – Instrument Design.

Professor Lindner – Single Cylinder Engine Design.

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