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If the Somerton Man’s DNA is found to match an individual whose grandfather father brother nephew uncle or cousin was one of the Nazi technicians secretly employed post-war under the Anglo Australian Project how would the newspapers react?

How would the Murdoch press react?

How would survivors and descendants of the Nazi concentration camps react?

Traumatised veterans of the war in Europe and North Africa, how would they have reacted?

War widows and their children, mothers and fathers brothers and sisters of those lost fighting the Germans .. the men and women we celebrate every Anzac Day. How would they react?

Would this explain why neither the back or front covers of the Freeman Rubaiyat were never photographed, why the Tamam Shud slip wasn’t found when Moss searched the clothing, why the torn page was never photographed, why the code was not photographed before being marked over, why Harkness’ phone number on the back of the Rubaiyat wasn’t photographed, why DS Leane delayed progressing the case time and time again, why the investigating police were happy not to contest the press releasing mock-up photographs of the Rubaiyat and torn page, why the code (?) can’t be deciphered, why the news that the Rubaiyat was found in Freeman’s car wasn’t made known for seventy years and then only after his death, why there was no polishing cloth found in the suitcase, despite the high shine on his shoes, WHY THERE WERE NO SPARE SOCKS IN HIS LUGGAGE, why the coroner had doubts as to where TSM died, why the body’s lividity supported these doubts, why the police included a card of Barbour’s thread in an early photograph of items taken from his suitcase, items that may have assisted people in recognising personal habits, one of which indicated he used the waxed thread to repair his clothing weeks before Professor Cleland confirmed this was the case, why a box of matches appeared in evidence (without them there would have been doubt as to how TSM lit the cigarette found tucked under his chin), WHY NAZI HUNTER SIMON WIESENTHAL’S DEMANDS THAT THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT INVESTIGATE THE HIRING OF NAZIS TO WORK ON WEAPONS DEVELOPMENT IN 1948/49 WERE IGNORED, why Harkness told her daughter the investigation was subject to an Authority HIGHER than the police, why Professor Cleland, a man who had assisted in over 700 autopsies showed a highly unusual interest in keeping the preserved skull of the Somerton Man as a keepsake, why Jessica was so unresponsive when interviewed by Gerry Feltus, why she was so unresponsive when viewing the bust thirty years earlier, why the police were instructed to keep a close watch on Paul Lawson while he was making the bust, why Jessica’s identity was hidden for thirty years, WHY IN 1999 THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD DECLINED TO PUBLISH NEWS OF THE ANGLO AUSTRALIAN PROJECT AS UNEARTHED BY THE LATE IAN TRAYNOR OF THE GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER, why the Freeman Rubaiyat was presumed lost early in the investigation, why Stanton Hicks concentrated on glycosides being the probable cause of TSM’s death when his multiple medical conditions strongly suggested otherwise, why a man was reported looking for a nurse by Harkness’ next door neighbour the previous year, why Harkness, a nurse, nearly fainted when viewing the Somerton Man’s bust, why Colleen Fitzpatrick and Derek Abbott parted company prior to her releasing the news that Rachel Egan’s DNA was linked to Prosper Thomson, why the coroner declined to accept any new evidence prior to making his final ruling in 1958 despite three detectives and Paul Lawson being witnesses to Jessica’s reaction when viewing the bust in 1949, why there was no identification found on the body, why his near new suitcase was found unlocked, WHY JAMES DURHAM WASN’T ASKED TO FINGERPRINT ANY OF THE ITEMS IN THE SUITCASE, why there was no identification in the form of correspondence found in his suitcase, despite the presence of a blank letter card and several unused letter/envelopes, why there was no specific mention of any labels missing or otherwise on TSM’s pyjamas or dressing gown, why Harkness apparently had no knowledge of the mysterious death of an unknown man found only 200 yards away from her home until six months had passed, why we don’t know anything about her employment, if any, in Adelaide between late 1947 and July 1949, why the near new suitcase wasn’t fingerprinted, why the Rubaiyat wasn’t fingerprinted, why Boxall had no clear recollection of ever meeting Jessica and why she so clearly recollected meeting him

….. Why she adopted the Jewish faith.

Would Jessica’s higher authority have been the South Australian government, the federal government or both?

Would news of the secret agreement to employ Nazis made between Ben Chifley’s federal labor government and Clement Atlee’s UK equivalent so soon after the end of WW2 have had any political impact in 1949?

Would it have any political impact in Australia today?

Would it have any impact on the 113,200 Jews living in Australia today?

Or you?


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  1. Clive #

    If the SM was an ex-Nazi, then it would explain why there was an almost water tight lockdown on any decent investigation, the resulting investigation was riddled with doubtful ‘facts’, missing facts etc. .Would The Simon Wiesenthal Organisation have any photos/i.d.’s of ex-Nazis in Australia?

    March 12, 2022
    • They probably do, Clive, but they’re not picking up the phone.

      March 14, 2022
  2. Jackie M #

    It’s all coming together now.

    March 12, 2022

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