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Walking back the (Thomson) DNA cat and the difficulties it entails.

Walking back the Cat is a term used for retracing the order of events to see where things fell apart, according to Robert Littell in his novel of the same name. The only difference here is that we are retracing the order of events to see where things came together, in a manner of speaking.

And with regard to the finding of Grandfather Thomson’s DNA in Rachel Egan’s genetic make-up, walking back the cat isn’t as easy as it sounds, but a man can only give it his best shot, if you know what I mean.

Rachel inherited the Thomson DNA strain from one of her parents, either Roma or Jessica’s son, Robin. No argument there. Putting Roma aside for now, we can move back a step and shine the spotlight on Robin, who could only have come by the Thomson DNA strain through one of his parents, Jessica Harkness or whoever it was she had achieved a fruitful intimacy with in about October 1946. No argument there either.

Putting Jessica aside, we can move back another step and consider if the fruit of her womb (Robin) came by the Thomson DNA strain through her successful union with Prosper or one of his surviving brothers, or cousins, or uncles, or, perhaps, Grandad himself. The list is almost endless.

Getting back to Roma, there remains the question as to whether she passed on the Thomson DNA strain to her daughter after a successful consummation with one of the Thomson mob (refer above). This, at the very least may provide an explanation as to why baby Rachel was given away for adoption. Perhaps there was some parental imbalance in the relationship between Robin and Roma, given that her daughter possibly wasn’t his.

And where does The Somerton Man fit into this internecine group of possibilities?

No wonder Prof. Abbott’s head is spinning ….

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