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36 The 2021 Somerton Man Success Scoreboard

2021 was the year not much happened as far as the Somerton Man Case is concerned: Gordon is still single-mindedly pursuing his questionable micro-writing agenda while insisting the 5’11” Somerton Man is in reality the 6’1” Fedosimov. Pelling has given his site over to intemperate japery and noxious comment. DA’s Facebook page is in the doldrums and that’s about it. Almost.
There have been a few runs scored elsewhere.


(1) Rachel Egan’s DNA has been found to be linked to Jessica Harkness’ husband, Prosper, as reported in the New York Times on 21 May 2021.

Several years ago, Ms. Egan had her DNA analyzed, and links were found to people in the United States (including relatives of Thomas Jefferson). More recently, links were also found to the grandparents of the man that Jo Thomson eventually married.”

This remarkable news has yet to water down Professor Abbott’s fruity expectations that his children are descendants of the Somerton Man. It has also had a lot to do with his notable absence from what were once an interminable number of documentaries and newspaper articles.


(2) Alf Boxall was very specific in his recollections of the young lady (Jessica Harkness) he was introduced to in the Clifton Gardens Hotel. As told to interviewer Stuart Littlemore.

Littlemore: ‘Did you ever contact her again?’

Boxall: ‘No.’

Littlemore: ‘Never write to her, or anything like that?’

Boxall: ‘No.’

Littlemore: ‘ … when the Police spoke to the young woman, who then told them that she had given you the book.  So she remembered your name. Did you remember her name? I know it’s signed in the book under the verse she’s written out. Did you remember her?’

Boxall: ‘At the time, I think when it was first mentioned at the Garage, I don’t think the question of her name came up. I don’t think the police mentioned it.’ I wasn’t quite sure who they were referring to, but this much I do know far as names are concerned, I never – and even today, I don’t know what the girl’s surname was.’

So much for their alleged ‘spy-based’ relationship.


(3) Britain secretly organised the recruitment and transfer to Australia of scores of leading Nazi scientists and weapons specialists after the second world war, newly declassified Australian government papers disclosed yesterday. Some of whom were employed at the Salisbury SA weapons complex.

Yesterday being a day in August 1999 as written in a Guardian article by the late Ian Traynor and all but unnoticed until July 2021. This doesn’t reflect well on any of us, lest of all the (Labor) government in charge of things at the time.

It should be noted that there are two places where the names of these individuals can be found: an archive in the UK and here.


(4) Fake News.

It has been established in Gerry Feltus’ book, The Unknown Man, that the commonly accepted and widely published images (below) of both the Freeman Rubaiyat and the torn page are not of the original, meaning the press mocked them up the day after talking to Detective Sergeant Leane.



These fake images are still visible on nearly every blog or news website that has or is running a commentary on the Somerton Man case, a disastrous situation acknowledged as useful long ago by the master of Nazi propaganda.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” (Joseph Goebbels)


(5) The missing brown knitted pullover joins the missing socks.

There has been no explanation as to why or when the pullover being worn by the Somerton Man went missing, not only that, its absence was only noticed this month. This is not a good look for anyone involved in serious research. My excuse is that I’ve been very busy dealing with surfing matters of great historical interest.


(6) Proof that the code is an acrostic …


W is for wine, Omar well knows. Quatrain LV1

R is for Rose, like a Ruby rare. Quatrain 1X

G is for Garden, that lovely place. Quatrain 1X

O is for Oblivion, cheat it if you can. Quatrain XV1

A is for Allah, the Lord of Omar. Quatrain CLXX

B is for Bahram, a great old sport. Quatrain XX1

A is for Allah, the Lord of Omar. Quatrain CLXX

B is for Bahram, a great old sport. Quatrain XX1

D is for Dowry, love to the bride. Quatrain CLXLV111

… but only if the Freeman Rubaiyat was the one published by CW Walton.

For An Omarian Alphabet Walton selected 26 quatrains by 24 translators (2 each from Fitzgerald and Thompson) and associated each quatrain with a different letter of the alphabet. To each quatrain he added a caption of the form, A IS for Allah, the Lord of Omar or M IS for Morning, time for youth to rise.’


(7) Dead men don’t smoke.

The following lifted from a newspaper interview with PC Moss.

“For instance, the fingers of the dead man were heavily nicotined and yet, although there was half a packet of cigarettes in one of his pockets, he didn’t have a match on him.

“It occurred to me as rather strange that if a man who was obviously such a heavy smoker was going to spend a little time on the beach he would have gone there without match.”

What makes this deliciously suspicious is that a box of matches was acknowledged to have been found on the body by Detective Sergeant Lionel Leane no less. Not only that, he said as much on his deposition. Signed and sworn.

If ever there ever was an African American in the Somerton woodpile, Detective Sergeant Leane be he.

(Note, this item really belongs in the 2020 scorecard but we like it for its nuisance value)


(8) Look! There’s A pattern in the code!!

M R G  O A B  A  B D

M T B  I M P  A  N E T P

M L I  A B O  A  I A Q C

I T T  M T S  A  M S T G A B

The odds of this happening randomly, according to Nick Pelling, are approximately 130 to 1 … which proves the Dome is good for something, other than that he’s about as useful on matters Somerton as Joe Root’s mob is on the Gabba or the Adelaide ( or MCG or SGC ) cricket pitches.


(9) Whatever became of the Freeman Rubaiyat?

It wasn’t lost in some evidence locker cleanup as is generally believed, no sir, according to Detective Brown’s notes, Detective Sergeant Leane’s filing system was responsible for losing track of the Rubaiyat, we just don’t know when, however, we do know that when the Naval Intelligence folks were asked to decipher the code they weren’t given the Freeman Book, they were sent a ‘similar’ Rubaiyat – and this was a mere six days after Freeman handed it over; ergo, one can draw two conclusions – (1) Leane lost it the week he got it, or (2) The whole Francis / Freeman episode was a furphy.

Refer (4) for some relevant background,and I’ve always liked number (2).

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  1. Ruth Collins #

    To add some hilarity and expose the hypocrisy, I’d like to add ‘the unique marker’ mole above SM’s lip, to my scoreboard. Prior to Prof. Maciej Hennebergs 2011 declaration re-SM’s comparative match to the photo on the 1918 Seaman’s I.D. (H.C. Reynolds), there was no mention of any SM facial mole, as an identifying mark. DA was quick to dismiss this blemish as very common and of little significance. Seems that fingerprint expert Jimmy Durham and S.A. Police also missed or ignored the importance of facial blemishes in identification.

    Since then however, DA’s commissioned SM portrait includes a mole above the lip. The portrait, seemingly a morph / mixed version of Rachel Egan and SM’s morgue photo, was later used by the Hollywood animator / artist, and gave SM fans his version of ‘Mr. Handsome’.
    Based on their wobbly science, I conclude the police identikit artist is likely the least biased version of SM. Note that Police now includes the mole.

    So similar to SM’s matches, this unique identifier went missing for decades. Pity you remove those 3 pics from your ’round up’ Pete. None are real of course, but merely an illusion of what SM may have looked like while alive. The 1918 I.D. is the only genuine photo, that has the unique identifier / mole…thanks to Mr. Henneberg. The only other similar SM contender I’ve seen, can be found on DA’s FB site. A man named Charles Allsopp. He shows a mole, in a slightly different position.

    December 24, 2021
  2. Ruth Collins #

    Another that shouldn’t be overlooked for our communal scoreboard, has to be ‘the 1949 coffin’ containing SM’s remains, ceremoniously photographed for the papers, in a gesture of ‘caring’.
    So what happened to the box ?
    To me, the missing box serves as proof re- an agreement made between police and media, to put on a show to appease their reading audience. The public were being manipulated…deliberately deceived. Led to believe the unidentified man was buried with dignity, in a beautiful shiny coffin (kindly donated), when he wasn’t. SM’s exhumation revealed a betrayal of public trust. Everyone that attended SM’s mock funeral, knew it was a lie…that the coffin was just a prop used in the performance, and then SM’s turf into the dirt and covered up.
    What made them so sure that no-one would ever know. How could they be so certain SM wouldn’t later be identified, claimed, dug up and moved elsewhere by relatives.

    This same coffin ritual and good will gesture was repeated earlier this year. SM’s remains were ceremoniously removed via a substitute nice shiny coffin under police guard (likely chain of evidence rules), and motored off to FSSA for forensic examination.
    On that same day, head of Major Crime, Det. Des Bray announced, S.A. has an additional 19 sets of unidentified human remains held in storage awaiting DNA examination. Another set found near Robe has since been added, making 21 (including SM).

    So I’d like to add these extra sets of unidentified bones to SM’s scoreboard. Until recently times, police kept the subject of unidentified remains kept in storage, their big secret. Apparently Australia has over 500 unidentified sets of bones now destined for identification.
    SM’s exhumation was cleverly utilised to serve the greater good re-missing persons, yet to be identified.

    December 24, 2021
  3. Clive #

    Public hood-winked in believing one thing and, the authorities doing the other? Not very far from SM’s resting place is the site of Tibor Kaldor’s grave. He left instructions for his body to be either used in medical research or cremated, instead he was buried, I wonder if Charles Berry, the undertakers, used a coffin, probably not, as TK had no relatives to farewell him.

    December 24, 2021
  4. Clive #

    Per GF’s book, Page 86 PC Sutherland viewed SM’s body ‘before the casket was sealed’

    December 24, 2021
  5. BruceHubbard19 #

    SM is a montage using Boxall. Code was cracked long ago. Details on my Twitter.

    December 25, 2021
    • Fabulous news, Bruce, and today of all days. Wonderful.

      December 25, 2021
  6. Clive #

    Now the ‘present” situation is over, Bruce, please ‘present’ us with your findings. Though, I have the feeling it’s not going to happen

    December 30, 2021
    • Bruce Hubbard #

      Details at BruceHubbard19 on Twitter.

      January 13, 2022
  7. Bruce got the juice, and he out there, on the loose.

    December 30, 2021
  8. Byron Deveson #

    Nobody has explained why there was a piece of tissue? paper stuck on the bridge of SM’s nose (post autopsy photos). What was it covering or hiding?

    January 10, 2022
  9. Byron Deveson #

    Hi Pete,
    it is quite obvious in the frontal autopsy photo. I asked Paul Lawson about this quite a while ago and he confirmed that there was a piece of tissue paper stuck on the left hand side of the bridge of SM’s nose. Lawson didn’t give any more details, which is a bit odd.
    You can see what appears to be a wound in this position on the plaster bust.
    I think the only explanation for the tissue paper is to hide something important, like an identifying mark. This would fit with police SOP. It gives the police a way of checking if a possible identification is correct or not. “Did your friend have any scars on his face? Nah. Next!”.
    Or, the tissue paper could be covering a small wound. A wound received in a fight, or an accident. SM did have some small unexplained abrasions between his fingers. Or, the tissue paper could be covering a recent surgical scar. Maybe SM was released from hospital after some surgery (say, to remove an angioma such as my man Charles had in that area). Maybe the minor surgery was carried out in a private hospital or doctor’s clinic, or maybe by some para-medic at a private house (the naturopath Nunn’s maybe? The Nunns lived just across the road from where SM was found. Anaesthesia in 1948 was quite dangerous and patients often died on the table. So, to avoid embarrasing questions and paperwork, and knowing SM didn’t have any close friends in town, just call on Prosper to dispose of the body and make it look like suicide with the piece of paper torn from the ROK planted in the fob pocket? Tamam Shud.

    January 14, 2022
  10. Clive #

    I didn’t realise that Joseph Goebbels is still alive and well and, apparently living in Russia.

    March 12, 2022
  11. Gordon Cramer posted this comment recently: The Questionable statement. Pete, why don’t you ask a serious question about it? To my knowledge you like other vociferous Nay Sayers, haven’t tested it and I actually offered to drive down and demonstrate it for you. Can you imagine, casting doubt but not having the wit to carry out a simple test. I know why that it and I will leave that to the next comment.

    Gordon, in response … like all research, whether it be medical, physical historical or metaphysical, a finding by one researcher needs to be confirmed independently by another in order to pass the threshold.
    I’ve suggested it to you before that all you need to do is find a professional photography outfit, one with all the proper kit, take your images (untouched) with you, tell him what you found and how you found it then walk away and wait for him to get back to you. What you also might consider is giving him a digital copy of the Taman Shud taken from a Rubaiyat of similar vintage as a blind test.
    Then, if he or she comes up with the same result as you have, you can climb up onto your rooftop and shout about it.

    March 14, 2022

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