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The bare bones of the Somerton Man Mystery.


November 30th, 10:50 am. A ticket was purchased for a train from the Adelaide Railway Station to Henley Beach.

November 30th, just after 11:00 am. A suitcase was lodged at the Adelaide Railway Station cloak room.

November 30th, 11:15 am. A ticket was purchased for a bus to the Glenelg turn-around.

December 1st, about 9:00 am. An unidentified male body was searched at Somerton Beach and found to have both tickets in his pocket.


Some time after January 12th. Thread found on a spool in an unclaimed suitcase lodged at Adelaide Station on November 30th was found to match repairs to the dead man’s clothing.

April 19th. A slip of paper bearing the words ‘Tamam Shud’ was found hidden in the dead man’s fob pocket.

June 21st. The Coroner stated “Although he died during the night of the 30th November – 1st December, I cannot say where he died.”

July 22nd. A Rubaiyat with a torn page matching in size and paper type to the Tamam Shud slip was handed in to the police. A local telephone number was found written on the back cover.

July 26th. Police escorted the telephone number’s subscriber, a woman, to view the body’s death mask. She reacted strongly but remained non-communicative.


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  1. Milongal: if you want to ask me a question do me the courtesy of posting it here.

    November 30, 2021
  2. Ruth Collins #

    Pete…People might be reluctant to comment knowing it’s likely to be deleted soon after. Tomorrow, another anniversary passes, so let’s hope this significant date offers an update and some results. They must at least know ‘who he’s not’ by now. Meanwhile Adelaide Major Crime have assured me the Reynolds name is on the DNA check list. along with nominated ‘others’.

    November 30, 2021
  3. Ruth, my blog posts and readers’ comments are about as permanent as conversations in a bus queue and I’ve deleted plenty of both, that being so I’ve always thanked anyone who has come aboard here with an idea worth following up. In Milongal’s case, he might have a point that merits discussion. … but there is no way I’ll respond to it on Pelling’s site. I cannot abide the man.
    My invitation to Milongal stands .. he can take it or leave it.

    November 30, 2021

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