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Was the Somerton Man on somebody’s shopping list?

Once top secret files* now available in UK archives list the areas of skills of those ex-nazis being considered for relocation from Europe to Australia and America in order to work in the various long-range weapons industries that commenced in earnest after WW2, including the one at Salisbury, South Australia, only 32 kilometres from Glenelg.

Following are some of the areas of expertise highly prized and eagerly sought by the British, Russians and Americans.

Rocket fuels / high-frequency / electronics / non-ferrous metallurgy / physicist / rocketry / high voltage physics / magnetics / design and assembly / guided missile remote control / chemistry / steering and control / guiding systems / gyroscopes / glide bombs / nerve gas / artillery / high voltage physics / remote control / mathematics / rocket fuels / medicine / wind tunnel technology / instrument design / engine design / communications / control of guided missiles / glide bombs / atomic energy / electro tectonics / fire control / control instruments / machine design / underwater acoustics / steam turbines / radar aerial specialist / X-Ray / physicist / high-frequency testing gear / 

Many of the suitably qualified who were relocated to Australia under the Anglo / Aus Agreement were assimilated into the general Adelaide population and in some instances given new identities and assisted with accommodation for both themselves and their families.

There is no record of any conflict of purpose between the US and Australia in this regard – no obvious poaching – despite the grave mistrust that existed between the US and the UK in intelligence matters at the time.

*Operation Matchbox

Master List of German Scientists and Technicians – 1948/49

Ref: DEFE 41/130

Status: Public Record.



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  1. Hello #

    AUKUS – 1940s style.

    November 18, 2021
    • Coincidentally, Aus Signals cyber spy agency head, Rachel Noble will suggest today it is impossible to draw a line between its offensive and defensive capabilities, saying the agency has to be ‘poacher and the gamekeeper.’
      Shades of Smiley there.

      November 18, 2021

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