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The Roundup .. a review of this week’s events.

Good morning viewers.

Firstly, a couple of reviews of the Bookmaker from Rabaul* came by email this week:

“I read The Bookmaker from Rabaul several years ago after I discovered your blog. Even though some time has now passed since I read the book, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of your writing. The labyrinth of puzzles and mysteries appealed to every aspect of me and it was a rare book that compelled me to turn the pages over as fast as possible to see what lay waiting for me next and to find out the next resolution. I also enjoyed the undercurrent of humour intermingled amongst the pages and I appreciated the phenomenal amount of research that went into the writing. It was genuinely one of the top 10 novels I’ve ever read. ” KS.

‘ Fair dinkum Bozo, not a bad read mate but I wish I knew what you were bloody talking about.’ Dogger Rundle.

*Amazon will sell you a copy for not so much.


The exhumation … nearly five months since the Somerton Man’s disinternment and still waiting on a result from the men in white coats. DA must be getting scratchy about now. Plus you have to wonder whether that picture of ‘Mr Somerton’ is still hanging up on his wall.


Cipher Mysteries … another week has passed since we were promised reams of new info (especially pics) courtesy of James Durham’s family. Not to worry though as John Sanders has it under control so no pressure. Right Dusty?

A History of SAPOL Photography to 1950…


Tamamshud blogspot. You guessed it, GC still has the head down, that bloke would make a good gold fossicker he’s that tenacious. Remarkable.


Random Stuff. Doeologist asks ‘I believe the genealogist found that Rachel shared some DNA with Prosper Thompson. If true and depending on the amount, this could simply mean that her grandmother Jessica Thompson married her cousin. Otherwise how do you explain the close American cousin matches (2nd to 3rd)?

When was anything to do with shared DNA simple?


Identifying the Somerton Man (Facebook)

Always good for a chuckle, the latest being the suggestion that TSM chose a dose of Acme Paris Green to end it all. Mixed it up with his tobacco and smoked himself to glory. I don’t know about you but there’s other stuff that does the job better and you don’t even wake up with a headache.





And a special call out to Andy ‘Badass’ Baader  … it’s not that hard mate.


(Any new inclusions are welcome   … and money, send both.)

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