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The squiggle, the dot and the secret of the Somerton Code

A fellow by the name of Zackery Belanger is pretty heavily engaged in sorting out the Dorabella Cipher and has made an appearance on Dome’s site, Dome being the go to guy for advice and mentoring when it comes to those of a lesser degree of learning in any one of the particular fields he has mastered.

Zack asked a question: The dot is in contact with the 12th character, at the tip of one of the arms of the squiggle(pic), but it’s clearly there, and about the same size as the dot on the third line. Is yours the same publisher?

That had Dome in his library looking for a dot on a squiggle. I could almost feel sorry for the man.

back to it …


How do you get this ……





from this …..?

One of the first things the many interested parties attempted when they were told this ^ code had been written on the back of a Rubaiyat was to match it with one of the quatrains inside the book, but the letter Q defied that notion as Omar didn’t use them, being Persian.  Others attempted to read a message in the code that would direct them to a quatrain, then, if successful, find out what might have been the motive for choosing it.

Join those dots and it’s game over.

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