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Was the code written solely for the woman whose phone number appeared above it?

A new road.

One unconcerned with spies, unmindful of the poor standard of the police investigation and without a word or nod in any direction other than that the code was written solely for the woman whose phone number appeared above it.

People have long been known to communicate their thoughts using the Rubaiyat’s verses rather than attempt to use their own words. The quatrains are endlessly cooperative in this regard whether the individuals’ thoughts be of nights spent under the untrustworthy spell of alcohol or confronting the spectre of imminent death..

Not all suicides leave a note.

This man did.


He wrote the code found on the back of a Rubaiyat.

He removed the Tamam Shud slip.

Then rolled it up and tucked it deep into his fob pocket.

He disposed of the Rubaiyat in a place where it was almost certain to be found and made known,

then he walked to the beach, descended the steps and waited for the architect of his despair.

The date was integral to the deed, being the first day of the first summer month.


The Somerton Man intended to have one of Omar’s quatrains serve as his last words, and he knew Jessica to be the only one capable of finding which one it was.

~~ Verse 8 ~~

And look—a thousand Blossoms with the Day Woke

—and a thousand scatter’d into Clay:

And this first Summer Month that brings the Rose

Shall take Jamshyd and Kaikobad away.


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  1. thedude747 #

    RIP Mr Lawson. From everything I hear you were a legend. Professional clay pigeon shooter , wrestler who still had a formidable frame , likened by DA as “Swartzaneger like” in his 90s.

    Pete I sent you a photo of him at the documentary launch a few years ago and commented to you that he had dressed in the exact outfit Keane was wearing down to the blazer striped tie etc. No-one seemed to pick up on it but I thin k he was having a laugh to himself. Dont know if you still have it?

    October 3, 2021

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