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Why Dr Colleen Fitzpatrick chose her words very carefully.

‘More recently, links were also found to the grandparents of the man that Jo Thomson eventually married.’ NYT 22 May 2021 in an article written by Alan Yuhas but seemingly influenced by Dr Colleen Fitzpatrick.

< — Professor Derek Abbott and Dr Colleen Fitzpatrick are well known to each other as both were involved in the initial DNA tests on Rachel Egan’s hair in 2015 and Fitzpatrick is no doubt aware of the push Abbott generated through his FB supporters and fans for funds to cover the $20,000 cost of exhumation.

Abbott has raised a high degree of sympathy with his supporters, many of whom are sadly lacking in knowledge of the case details. In particular the Thomson DNA line from the grandparents of Prosper Thomson through to Jessica Thomson’s granddaughter, Rachel.

So my head is spinning,” Dr. Abbott said. “Does that prove she’s not connected now to the Somerton man? Or does that prove that somehow the Somerton man is related to her assumed grandfather?’ NYT 22 May.


Ancestry chart kindly made available by ByronD .. who is at present filling large sacks with oversized opals prior to returning from the deep mulga and retiring to a multi-level penthouse unit in Surfers Paradise equipped with an infinity pool and jacuzzi.

Legend has it that when BD asked the little lady out on a date, she didn’t expect to be handed a pick and asked to fill a bucket with rocks.

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  1. misca #

    So much spin here. Nauseating. They have obviously already done a run through with Rachel’s dna and so, they know who she’s related to…The wording on all of this is word salad. “Assumed” brings one to think that perhaps Rachel’s paternal side might not have a thing to do with Robin. Roma might have been a busy gal. And still, the carrot on the Jefferson connections hasn’t been clarified. Sounds like good media play and a bit of $$$.

    On and on the bullshit rolls.

    June 15, 2021
    • Not surprising the SA newspapers don’t pick it up the Fitzpatrick DNA find, especially the Adelaide Advertiser and a few news outlets after being used as an advertising medium by DA for so many years, pictures of a melancholy couple sitting on a tombstone – that sort of thing – now it looks like the media is facing the other way.
      What’s also grievously noted is the large number of camouflage posts DA put up on his FB site after breaking the NYT Fitzpatrick story before stopping dead on June 1. Nobody over there wants to know.

      June 15, 2021
  2. misca #

    Don’t forget…DA went on for a couple of years before openly admitting he was married to Rachel. Strange that, huh? And they don’t share anything about how/why she was put up for adoption and who raised her.

    June 15, 2021
    • Why would anyone else want to be tangled up in this thing? The real irony is that DA put a lot of years into research (with considerable help) and his case put-together on the UoA Primary Source Material site page carries some weight.

      June 15, 2021
      • misca #

        So did we.

        June 15, 2021
    • misca #

      And don’t you think that in the couple of years that he revealed nothing about her that they hadn’t already done dna tests?

      June 15, 2021
      • What strikes me is that there may be an undisclosed back-story to Fitzpatrick and Abbott because they worked pretty close together in 2015 on the Rachel’s DNA before that stopped dead, then she left for the USA but it looks like she might have taken something away with her to work on back at home. Maybe DA knew, maybe not.

        June 15, 2021
  3. misca #

    “More recently, links were also found to the grandparents of the man that Jo Thomson eventually married.” WTF? How about some clarity? Um. No. “We can milk it for a bit”. Fitzpatrick should get a grip and realize that she’s either a professional or she’s a paid-for-hire media personality. Can’t be both. Pick a trade.

    June 15, 2021
  4. Yeah, but he’s (Abbott) stopped and I haven’t. There’s always somewhere else to go in this thing.

    June 15, 2021
    • misca #

      He hasn’t stopped. What has he stopped?

      June 15, 2021
  5. misca #

    He’s done that before. When pieces didn’t fit. Same old.

    June 15, 2021
    • This time the pieces all sit around his dinner table.

      June 15, 2021
      • misca #


        June 15, 2021

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