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150,000 pairs of trousers similar to those worn by the Somerton Man were sold in 1948 – all with fob pockets.

We have allowed ourselves to believe PC Moss was unaware the Stamina Brand trousers worn by the Somerton Man had a fob pocket despite that over 150,000 of them were made and distributed throughout most states in Australia in 1948. They were not ’hard to find’ as Gordon Cramer would have you believe.

PC John Moss was the first responder to Lyon’s call regarding the body found on Somerton Beach. The dead man was fully dressed but in this instance the interest is only in the trousers he was wearing, which were marked as Stamina Brand and made from Crusader Cloth by Wilson of 275 Brunswick Street Fitzroy. Feltus writes that approximately three thousand pairs of these trousers were made and distributed each week.

Feltus also writes that sewing a fob pocket on the inside of the waist band of a pair of mens’ trousers was very common in that period (1948/49).


I searched the clothing, stated Moss in his deposition: meaning he searched all the coat pockets and the trouser pockets. All of them.

Of course he found the fob pocket, and of course he searched it.

… and he found no Tamam Shud slip. Moss stated this as so in his deposition.

I did not find the slip of paper with the words “Tamam Shud“.

That’s about half as big as the original slip …
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