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10. Imagine asking Australia’s foremost post-war decoding unit to determine if the code was an acrostic without providing them with the original book it was written on.

” On 29 July 1949 a photograph of the letters and a copy of a similar Rubaiyat were forwarded to the Director of Naval Intelligence in Melbourne.”

Feltus. P114.


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  1. Clive #

    Not a question of the Left hand not knowing what the Right hand was doing, more likely a case of the Left hand not wanting the Right hand to know what it was doing?

    July 13, 2021
    • Exactly.
      Believing SM was one of the German rocketry imports provides an explanation for many of the mysterious twists and turns of this case but one problem is most readers hold views that will never change and another is that many have never read Feltus’ book. These folks don’t want to be part of any case progress so I’m one out but that’s ok, the questions they don’t ask me I ask of myself. Pity about Pelling though, he’d prefer to give up and hand his Somerton Man commentary over to the overwhelmingly verbose John Sanders, which is not helpful for his two million, two hundred and forty two thousand three hundred and eighty two readers if they want to get a word in about anything else.

      July 13, 2021
  2. More: NickP and I have had some monstrous online battles over the past few years, particularly concerning his obstinacy when it comes to considering if espionage was part of the Somerton Body case .. he won’t have it.
    Then I found this on his site from a thread posted back in 2013 …

    “As far as the whole Soviet spy scenario goes: ASIO (Australian Secret Intelligence Organization) had an office in Adelaide, and I expect that there is a huge amount of stuff in the archives relating to Russian spies (rocketry technicians)* in Australia during that edgy post-WW2 period. Of course, it may be many years yet before anything in such grey archives get declassified… but if this side of the story is even partially right, then that could – much to my surprise – well be where any kind of genuine historical answer will lie.”

    What can I say old bean? Looks we’ve been on the same page all this time.


    As a courtesy I’ve posted the same comment on CM …

    July 14, 2021

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