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7. Similar is not exactly identical.

On June 8th, about fifty days after DS Leane received the Tamam Shud slip from Prof. Cleland (April 1949) he sent Detective Brown out to see if he could match it with another copy of the Rubaiyat. Brown’s technique when he found one that looked similar was to hold the page up to the light and pass the slip over the words. The one he found identical in size and length was in a copy published by Collins Press of England and distributed in Australia. Feltus, P166.

Similar. Identical.

On July 26th, three days after Freeman delivered the book to DS Leane a newspaper reported the following: ‘Police are looking for anyone with an exact copy of this book (pic) “The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.” It was published in New Zealand by Whitcombe and Toombs*.” (sic) Feltus, P108.


On July 29th Leane forwarded a photograph of the (code) letters and a copy of a similar Rubaiyat to the Director of Naval Intelligence in Melbourne. Feltus, P114


Similar to Brown’s copy, or exactly as the one described and pictured in the newspaper?

‘If the copy depicting the actual Rubaiyat is correct, then it could not be carried in the pocket of the clothing worn by the Unknown Man.” Feltus, P168.


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