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6. Questions any reasonable person might ask.

Why didn’t the police release a photograph of the Rubiayat handed to Detective Sergeant Leane by the chemist Freeman?

Did they decide that allowing the Press to see and photograph the book would be of no assistance to the investigation?

Was that decision based on the assumption that nobody would recognise it as belonging to an acquaintance or friend?

Why did they decide that publishing the inside cover details would be of no assistance in the investigation?

CW Walton’s book isn’t a Rubaiyat, it is, to quote Bob Forrest, ‘Walton’s personal selection from many different translations, and put into an order which satisfied his own alphabetic whim.’

BobF writes that Walton’s books were all rare and limited editions.

Which would make them reasonably easy to trace, and relatively easy to remember if a friend or acquaintance ever had one.

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  1. Clive #

    So, Walton’s book would standout like like the Sydney Harbour bridge lit up?

    July 3, 2021
    • If that was what Freeman found in his car. And if that was what he didn’t want to talk about. And if that was what the police didn’t want to photograph. And if that was the book that had the code written on the back.

      July 3, 2021

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