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4. The next step

The next step is to walk into a room probably not dissimilar to this with an official slip of paper in your hand nominating the files you are allowed to winnow out of the racks and take back to the reading room.
Nothing is digitalised in this shop. But I’m betting they have a few heavy-duty photocopiers.

The files under your arm are known to contain the birth names of ALL the German technicians and scientists convinced to leave Germany after WW2 and work in the West, including the 127 who stepped ashore in Australia.

There is mention of some correspondence in these files as well and what we hope to see are a couple of mug shots, not that it matters too much, the birth names of these blokes are plenty to work on and remembering that our man was wearing American clobber means the US list might have the gold.

I’m thinking it will be race to the finish.

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  1. Ha. Looks inviting. But I don’t believe there will be much to do for the heavy duty photocopiers, since our evasive friend didn’t do the favour of stepping on dry land with legal papers in his pockets. More likely you’ll meet other SM experts in there, overwhelmed and on the verge of tears of disappointment. Unless, well unless you have the advantage of new information, that could prove me wrong. Overseas still waiting for ANY info since May, not a word to find anywhere, nothing from Abbot either. I am beginning to think he got locked up in that room.

    June 29, 2021
    • RegineS … I don’t think any other SM researchers have seen what’s in these particular files otherwise we would have heard of it. Even if SM isn’t amongst them the names will be of interest to the families of those who were secretly slipped out of Germany after WW2 to work in Australia.

      June 30, 2021

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