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Messages and sources

Picture a WW2 morse code operator sending a (secret) message. Picture another operator receiving it. The message sent under existing protocols. Everything in order. The receiver of the message well-used to the style of the transmitter in the way he plays his hammer and anvil … knowing his rhythm.

Picture someone writing a faint (secret) message in pencil on the back of a Rubaiyat. Picture another receiving it. The message written under existing protocols. Everything in order. The receiver of the message well-used to the style of the writer. Knowing what to look for.

Who knows where a message might have been hidden inside the Rubaiyat .. Eric Nave wasn’t given it and no photos of the book exist. The ones published in the media were mock-ups. The book itself has long disappeared, lost, misplaced, thrown away.


Because there’s the chance the penny dropped.

It’s one thing to get a message, another to be certain it came from the right source.

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  1. Clive #

    Could it be that the reason why the ‘real’ Rubaiyat was never revealed/shown to the public is that it’s front page image/style/torn page gave the game away to the authorities?

    May 1, 2021
    • What’s your understanding of the game, Clive?

      May 1, 2021
  2. Clive #

    As you state receiving a message is one thing, knowing that it’s the ‘real’ thing/from a trusted source is another. The Code was written down on a plain piece of paper torn from the book, I don’t think that the writer realized that impressions had been made on the underlying book page
    Perhaps the sequence of letters, on the Code page, matched certain pages in the Rubaiyat and numbers were included in these sequences. Seems strange that the police were quite happy to exhibit the White tie, the suitcase and its contents, the Code page, yet the actual Rubaiyat was nowhere to be seen, was it sent for forensic testing and never returned, hence the police had to provide a substitute copy?.

    May 2, 2021
    • So, if you were to take the first line of code, change all the letters to alpha numbers then use the first to identify the quatrain number -the second to identify the line number and the third the word number .. etc etc ..then see if what you have looks sensible. That might be one option. Ignoring the 4XA in the process.
      At least it gets rid of the pesky Q, which wouldn’t please Gordon at all.

      May 2, 2021

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