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He was poisoned .. no?

The barest of conspiratorial bones in this ‘most profound’ of Australian mysteries are that he was seen alive an hour before dusk, possibly suffering under the influence of a disabling drug covertly administered, the Tamam Shud slip tucked into his pocket by the departed assassin and the book disposed of – his job admirably done. Suicide they’ll think, once they’ve found someone who can interpret Farsi.

.. then we run into a bit of rough weather.

“I accept the evidence (of Dr John Barkley Bennett) that the man probably died at 2 o’clock (am) at the earliest, and that he was seen to move at 7 o’clock the previous evening.” Hicks.

There was food in his stomach, I would say that the food had been in the stomach for up to 3 or 4 hours before his death.” Dwyer.

Between seven and eight pm he was seen as almost comatose.

Three hours later his hunger revived him and he consumed a small pasty.

Three hours later he died.

What poison does that?

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  1. John Smith #

    Pete, I suggest you to look at Japanese detective novel “Points and lines” by Seichō Matsumoto (if, of course, it is not has read yet 🙂 This story talks about witness’s impresions. And after this the picture of SM’s death may became clearer. May be.

    March 29, 2021
    • Mr Smith .. what did you understand from the book?

      March 29, 2021
      • John Smith #

        One thing what I understood was how ease is to form faked facts for “four minutes witnesses”. In SM case such witnesses were these which saw a la SM alive (Straps) and which saw the man looking to a la SM from above for 5 minutes. In short my proposition: one drunk man lies down on the beach, someone mentions him and in 5 min makes plan how to dispose body of poisoned man, at night time body of drunk man was removed and in place of him was placed body of real SM. Witness saw “transportation” of one of bodies. Stripped trousers were the only mentioned difference of bodies. And now we have fake story for justice because it sees no difference between drunk man and SM. IMHO, as always.

        March 30, 2021

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