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The Challenge

23 Jul 1949 – BOOK FOUND: BODY CLUE?

“As the scrap of paper found on the dead man had been trimmed, police were unable to identify the book merely by fitting it into the torn page.”

The Rubaiyat pictured here has never been sourced. Nobody has claimed it. The article appeared the same day the Rubaiyat was handed in.

You’d think an enterprising newspaper editor would have insisted on pics of the cover as well, and the code, the phone number, any inscription …  looks like he had good enough light to see everything. He could have run the story for a week with a special on Sunday. Maybe though this particular newspaper editor wasn’t so greedy, hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting Rupert Murdoch.

Would that have been a problem for DS Leane, lending out the Rubaiyat for a newspaper article with pics on the day Freeman handed it in?

Not like Jimmy Durham to leave his finger in the shot …

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