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One book, one piece of paper.

What is there of the Somerton Man’s possessions that we don’t fully understand? Something that doesn’t have a prime purpose. Pencils write, scissors cut, knives pierce, zinc-foil protects edges and envelopes await their directions. The same can be said for that very small, tightly rolled piece of paper found in his fob pocket. Some argue it was meant to be read.

This is where a boundary line can drawn.

The book it was torn from was found not far from his body. The argument that it was disposed of by the Somerton Man himself must navigate the exposed shoals of what we know. A witness said he appeared too drunk to move at 7:30 pm. The post mortem report said he ate a meal at about 10:30 pm. The doctor said he died an hour or so after midnight.

Failing to survive that fraught passage doesn’t mean the voyage is over, it’s just your ship that’s been holed, and here, someone’s thrown a lifebuoy.

The Tamam Shud slip wasn’t meant to be read, it was meant to be fitted back into the book it was taken from.


A task that could have only been completed by having them both at the same place and at the same time.

Two men.


This well-publicised picture of a torn Rubaiyat back page is “a copy produced by the media depicting actual copy of Rubaiyat.” Check Feltus. It isn’t the real thing. Page 169.

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  1. Clive #

    If the meal at 10.30pm scenario is taken as gospel, then the man seen by Olive etc Tuesday evening must have made a miraculous recovery. If we believe the other story of another man being carried down the beach, this meal story fits into the picture. And a couple of hours later he was dead, no doubt an ‘extra’ ingredient in his meal did the trick. The time gap between Olive/John Lyons spotting the man, may play a role in this saga. After 8.00pm there is no mention of anyone else seeing the body, so, between 8.00pm and say 10.30pm, is it possible that the SM was at Jessie’s house, the Rubaiyat was taken from him, it was thrown into the back of the car. The person(s) who did this action did not realize that the SM had the tiny slip of paper in his fob pocket or, they looked for it but, for some reason time was not on their side?

    March 19, 2021
    • If that was the case any ID was taken from him as well. So why not dump them all together?

      March 19, 2021
  2. Clive #

    Probably it was easier to throw the Rubaiyat into the back of the first available car, with it’s window open, then take his wallet/wristwatch/papers etc and destroy those articles away from public view. So, why wasn’t the actual Rubaiyat not shown by the police in newspapers, was there some writing on the same page the Taman Shud paper had been removed?

    March 19, 2021
    • She didn’t see her own phone number on the back of the book, just took it and ran up the road to dump it?

      March 19, 2021
  3. Clive #

    That could have been the scenario. Was the book dumped the same night or later. Then the question is why was it necessary to dump the book in the first place. If the book ended up at Jessie’s house, why didn’t she shred it, burn it or, simply hide it in the attic if it posed a threat to her? Why toss the book into Joe Blogg’s car when it was likely to be found eventually and either put into a rubbish bin or, possibly kept at the driver’s home? The dumping of the book was, I think, a last minute decision by the person who carried it, may not have been the best decision but, it would seem he had very few options? Was he being followed by someone, and he knew he had to dump the book asap, regardless of how/where as it was a desperate situation.

    March 20, 2021
    • I too reckon the book was dumped as a last minute decision, but not by Jessica .. more likely to have been done by a man in a hurry to be away from the scene. A man afraid of shadows now he’s seen what was lying by the bottom of the steps.

      March 20, 2021
      • someone #

        100% on both of you. Doesn’t really make sense to dump in a car rather than a bin or drain or gutter or….. UNLESS it’s a last minute “under pressure” scenario. You think someone is following you and you don’t want to be sprung with evidence so you chuck it somewhere you can do it relatively subtly, where even if they notice you doing it they’ll struggle to get to it.

        March 21, 2021
  4. Clive #

    Possibly the man standing for 5 minutes staring down at the body? Was he carrying the Rubaiyat and dumped the book as he passed the first car, with its window open? Just glad he no longer had to worry about it?

    March 21, 2021

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