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Forget the AX4’s, the Farsi option. Gone. Out the window from whence they came. No interest evident so Bugger off!

Slam the window down. Resume seat, a little more volume on Miles, check drink level. Back to it.

Back to this.

Meaning something else.

Gordon had a lot to say about the following matter – using a lot of Clive’s research – and I’d like to respond in kind, also using a lot of Clive’s research.


Enter: Clive Turner. Stage left. Addresses audience.

“Two men are lying side by side in the Adelaide Morgue.”

“One a suicide, the other suspected of being one.”

“Both arrived in Adelaide within two weeks of each other.

“Both bought suitcases for an extended stay.”

“Both had the initials TK.”

“One was born in Hungary, 1904.”

“The other a few years earlier.”

“One was known by the name Tibor Kaldor.

“The other by T Keane.”

“Kaldor foreign.”

“The other possibly.”

“Both died in December 1948.”

“One died early, Kaldor two weeks later.”

“One poisoned.”

“The other suspected of being so.”

“Both left suicide notes.”

“One signed.”

“0ne unsigned.”

“How do you draw these men together.”

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  1. MyName #

    A: “Can you sort TK for me?”
    B: “Will Sort it”
    B: “All done, check the papers – at the beach”
    A: “Wrong TK…..”
    B: “Oops!!”

    (Both linked to North Tce, possibility SM stayed there, but certainly was at Railway Station)

    BUT: not convinced SM was Keane, much less T Keane – the ‘T’ looks more like a ‘7’. Perhaps he pretended to be called Keane and was admitted to a hospital where they put names on his belongings. Different staff spelt Keane differently, and somebody decided to add a 7 – which might have referred to a room or a laundry sort or something to make sure his tie got back to him. This might have happened well before Somerton.

    February 19, 2021

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