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3 – The Farsi option


Three people, two plans.

To equip each subject with a plan would require the drawer to know both, therefore a mutual trust is implied. A trust between the drawer and both subjects. Their trust in each other is dependent on recognising certain signs the drawer will provide.

“Through a large magnifying glass he (Leane) also saw capital letters written in faint pencil on the back of the book.” Feltus

There is a signal written within the four complete lines of the Tamam Shud code, one you couldn’t fault Leane for missing.

But to get to it you have to deal with two distinct oddities.

(1) There appear to be more A’s in the code than there are of any other letter.

(2) The letter E appears only once.

Leap of intuition!

The writer was not of English origin, the Roman alphabet perhaps recently taught and rarely used.

‘What is this?’

‘The letter Q.’

A Persian. A refugee who had fled unspeakable atrocities. Whose family had been turned against him. His brothers sworn to kill him or convince others to do so. Men from ancient, feudal societies. Kingdoms upon kingdoms.

Cabals behind the wire.

You’re probably like me: I’ve never had to live amongst enemies.

For two men of this aspect to come together, someone must have established the trust of both.


Perhaps a man laid his book on the bench beside where he sat. Another approached, recognised the cover then sat down.

‘The Rubaiyat?’


‘May I see it?’


Where would he look first?

Take the slip that was already in his hand and match it with the hole in the back page. Then turn the book over and examine the code he was told would be there. Where Leane had to use his magnifying glass, this man may have used the sun’s deflections, or perhaps he was bespectacled.

He saw this.

M R G  O A B   B D

M T B  I M P  A  N E T P

M L I  A B O  A  I A Q C

I T T  M T S  A  M S T G A B

There’s your trust established in about thirty seconds.

Then it was down to business, whatever that was.

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  1. Slipped this into the Sixty Minutes FB Messenger box just now.

    refers to: the Tamam Shud Code, the Somerton Man.

    How about I tell you how the code found written on the back of the Rubaiyat makes sense. Better still, have a look yourself – Start at the left-hand character on the top line and count seven to the right ..

    Then do the same for every completed line, there are 3 more … every seventh letter is an A.
    I suppose now you’d like to find out why.
    Lets chat.

    February 22, 2021

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