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A withered virgin emptying bedpans

….. ” but how to make life interesting when one has two demanding children who have to be fed and clothed?

It would be worse I suppose to be a withered virgin in some hospital or another emptying pans and taking temperatures.”

Taken from an undated letter written by Jessica Thomson (below).

Indeed, indeed, Repentance oft before
I swore – but was I sober when I swore?
And then and then came Spring, and Rose-in hand
My thread-bare Penitence apieces tore.

Inscription written on a Rubaiyat by a younger (and unmarried) Jessica Harkness before giving it to an older, married man.

“She had a dark side, a very strong dark side.”

Kate Thomson remembers her mother, as told on Sixty Minutes.

“Her reaction to seeing the bust (of the Somerton Man) was described as ‘completely taken aback’, to the point of giving the appearance that she was about to faint. She then stated (to the three detectives who accompanied her) that she could not identify the bust as anyone she knew.”

The Unknown Man – Feltus.


Ask yourself what else might this woman be capable of doing?

Then ask if the coded Rubaiyat may have been hers and she was the one who placed the TS slip in SM’s pocket, knowing what the words meant, then conspired with a male acquaintance to transport the body to its final resting place and to get rid of the book. This may be the reason for its apparently careless disposal, given the book had Jessica’s phone number written on the back. It might also explain the part-smoked cigarette found under the body’s chin, despite the absence of any matches on the body.


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  1. Clive #

    If her daughter’s view of her mother is anything to go by, Jessica was quite capable of anything. If she did place the ‘Taman Slip’ in the SM’s trousers, perhaps it was a final act, on her behalf, of saying it’s over, I’m never going to admit knowing you?

    February 1, 2021
    • Either that or she hoped the police were better read than it proved to be and figured his death as a suicide.

      February 1, 2021
  2. Clive #

    I can never understand why it took the police 6(?) weeks to find the meaning of “Taman Shud”. Surely. all they had to do was make a telephone call to the Uni expert in languages? Perhaps, the police did find the meaning within a few days-the 6(?) weeks gave them a breathing space to work out how to handle this case?

    February 1, 2021
  3. MyName #

    Odd pocket to use in that case, isn’t it?

    February 3, 2021
  4. Byron Deveson #

    I have always felt that the Tamam Shud slip was place in the fob pocket by someone trying to turn the case into a suicide investigation rather than a murder.

    February 3, 2021
  5. Byron, would it be likely in the 40’s that a nurse give certain patients simple cognitive tests?

    February 3, 2021
    • Byron Deveson #

      I don’t know offhand when cognitive tests were brought in, but I will check.

      February 3, 2021
      • Byron Deveson #

        Or an eye test? Someone trying to remember an eye chart to fudge an eye test?

        February 3, 2021
  6. I’m going for a lottery win here, hoping (1) the Rubaiyat belonged to Jessica, and (2) she was doodling up a cognitive test of her own to try on a patient.

    February 3, 2021
  7. Clive #

    Just another thought, although Jessie’s name was in the phone book and, she was interviewed, she nearly fainted when viewing the bust. What if the reason, she reacted so strongly to the bust, was that it was someone she knew who Prosper had had dealings with? And that ‘someone’ had friends who you wouldn’t like to meet on a dark night?

    February 12, 2021

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