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December 2020. Where are we?

The Code.

No further. A complete and utter mystery. Claims of steganography not supported by independent analysis of the same source.

The Nurse.

She knew him. The police knew she knew him. Her daughter knew she knew him. She would have been a key witness at the coronial inquest if called to testify.

Alf Boxall.

Her inscribed gift to him was evidence that their relationship was more than casual.

The police investigation.


The Tamam Shud slip.

Had the press been given notice of Cleland’s finding in April, Chemist Freeman may have come forward with the Rubaiyat before the inquest.

The Rubaiyat.

Had the existence of the Rubaiyat been known prior to the inquest, the nurse would have been called to testify.

The Inquest.

Inadequate. Depositions made in contradiction with each other. Crucial evidence ignored. Contradictions in sworn evidence not questioned.

The witnesses.

Gordon Strapps and Olive Neill. The light was good enough for her to distinguish between the navy suit and the grey hat worn by the man standing above the steps. The light was also good enough for Strapps to note that the man they were watching was wearing striped trousers.

The box of Bryant and May matches.

PC Moss said he didn’t find any matches on the body.

DS Leane swore matches were found on the body

The Somerton Man.

He was not the man seen by the steps on the 30th.

He was the man seen being carried along the shore late in the evening on the 30th..

The half-smoked cigarette found under his chin was placed there by the man who deposited his body.

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  1. Clive #

    Well, the initial of ‘T’ on the tie could be taken as a letter ‘J’?

    December 24, 2020
    • MyName #

      I’m sure it’s been mentioned ad nauseum, but isn’t the Rubaiyat odd. Some time in Nov or Dec you find a shitty little book in the back of your mate’s car. You ask him about it and he says “Oh, that? Don’t know nothing mate, let’s just hold onto it”. How is it that the booklet didn’t end up at the Wingfield tip?
      The “I thought it was my BIL’s so I just put it in his glove box” doesn’t seem very likely (or does it?).

      January 5, 2021
      • No. And the brother-in-law didn’t mention finding it for nearly seven months …

        January 5, 2021
  2. пожалуйста #

    Pity we can’t check the Rubaiyat for evidence of orange thread in the binding.

    December 28, 2020

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